Walmart Will Now Prosecute Shoplifters As Young As 16

With increased shoplifting and employee theft hurting Walmart’s bottom line, the store says it will now go after first-time shoplifters who are as young as 16. Previously, it was Walmart’s policy to only prosecute first-time shoplifters who were at least 18.

Walmart denies that the change is in response to increasing theft. We assume that is because Walmart denies everything, no matter what. They say they are “responding to suggestions from stores” Ok, have it your way.

Also, if you are caught shoplifting at Walmart they will now only wait 60 minutes for your parents to show up before they call the police. It remains Walmart’s policy not to prosecute anyone stealing less than $25 worth of merchandise.

Wal-Mart toughens theft policy [Seattle P-I]

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