According to one report, by a guy who analyzes customer service phone calls for a living, the special Apple iPhone customer service line (1-877-419-4500, NOT the AT&T number) is really great. [The Customer Service Survey]


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  1. dbeahn says:

    You’d think if the guy runs a company that clocks customer service calls, he’d know the dangers of basing a rating on a single call…

  2. stopshopping says:

    This line is not for Apple iphone support, just AT&T service. They transferred me to Apple for support. HOWEVER, the phone answered in 2 rings, no crap automation, and a FANTASTIC customer service rep quickly and personally handed me over to another great person on the Apple hotline. Very impressive number to reach AT&T with! -Thanks for the tip.

  3. Mojosan says:

    Can I be the first?

    “OMGZ! iPh0ne is for teh stoopid! I have the Nokia F300GXturbo and it roCkzr all oVer the iTraSh!”

    There, now that we got that out of the way…

    I need to call cust. service about a blutooth issue I have with my iPhone. I’ll call both numbers and see how each call goes. :)

  4. uricmu says:

    Not impressed. I spent (admittedly, the day after launch) 5 hours on hold with apple, another 3 with AT&T. And it’s not like nobody knew that they’ll need more CSRs that day.