Updated: Subway Introduces Calorie Bomb Sandwich (It's Called A Super-Stuffed Sub)

UPDATE: We called Subway (like we should’ve done at first) and the sandwich is called a “Super Stuffed Sub”. One of them is named, “The Feast.” In it, you get all the meats (turkey, ham, salami, pepperoni, and roast beef) plus bacon and cheese on “special double-braided bread” (aka challah bread), for $7.99. The sandwich is being test-marketed in NY. Here are some pics of some dudes trying to eat one. They look like they’re choking. Subway seems to be trying to one-up the the mondo-meal market pioneered by McDonald’s Supersize.

Somehow we don’t think Jared would approve.

While Subway opens up the calories on their menu on the one hand, on the other they’re launching a giant new sandwich we would expect more to see from Burger King.

benpopken: speaking of subway, have you seen those commercials for “the jammer?”
meghannmarco: no what’s that?
benpopken: it’s disgusting
benpopken: it’s a new subway sandwich
benpopken: it’s like as big as your head
meghannmarco: wha
benpopken: and you can’t get your mouth around it at all
benpopken: it’s like a medieval lord sandwich
meghannmarco: woah
meghannmarco: pix pls
benpopken: trying to find
benpopken: this isn’t it but this guy makes a subway sub in 35 seconds
benpopken: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_5p4BCCYLI
benpopken: i can’t find any pix
meghannmarco: that is a sandwich artist
benpopken: maybe i have the name wrong

Let us know if you have any more information regarding this exotic beast.

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