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Sprint Drops You Because You Call Customer Service Too Much
If you persistently insist that Sprint fix their numerous errors you will be dropped as a customer, according to reader Michael.

Consumerist Reader Sprint Executive Customer Service Hotline Works
That special hotline (703-433-4401) Sprint set up for Consumerist readers that goes directly to their executive customer service team actually works, according to reader Greg

8 Interviews With A Sprint Mole
Back in February, we posted a series of conversations we had with a very knowledgeable Sprint insider (he still has his job, by the way).

Sprint Makes A Minister’s Wife Cry
The life of a Consumerist editor can be a roller coaster ride of emotion. One minute you’re laughing at Delta airlines uglyass new planes, the next you’re reading a letter from a minister who says Sprint made his wife cry.

6 Documents Sprint Reps Have That You Don’t That Could Help You Buy Your Next Cellphone

6 Confessions Of A Former Sprint Sales Rep
Sprint has joined the ranks of cell phone providers whose former (and current) sales reps are beating down the Consumerist’s door, eager to tell all.

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