Personal Finance Roundup

The Cheapest Days to Buy Certain Items [Smart Money] “We talked to the experts, and narrowed down the best days of the week to buy certain items.”

Here are the facts on risk vs. reward for various assets [USA Today] “Market research firm Global Financial Data kindly agreed to provide the average annual returns of key asset classes.”

Name Discrimination! How It Affects Job and Career Choices, Life Status, Overall Success [The Digerati Life] “Think twice before naming your kids something bizarre, different, unique or even ethnic. The world is cruel…”

Cheap but Elegant Guest Room Tips [The Frugal Duchess] “…it’s possible to make your home more inviting without spending a lot of money.”

Any sign of seller’s market returning? [Bankrate] “What we do know from history is that slumping markets always regain their posture and that when they do, there is substantial upward momentum.”


(Photo: Maulleigh)

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