Morning Deals

Levis: Cashmeres for $23.18 (down from $150)

Woot: River AFT100 Mobile FM Transmitter – 2-Pack for $17.99

TheTechGeek: Nintendo Wii Remote Charging Dock for $14.99

Highlights From Dealhack

Circuit City: Seagate 500GB USB 2.0 Drive $130 Shipped Up to 50% off Henkels Knives & 15% off most Everything Else

Apple Store: iPod nanos from $109 & 30GB iPod Video just $199 Shipped


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  1. Godz says:

    Is this Cashmere?
    Of course it’s Cashmere!
    Whats this?

  2. mopar_man says:

    I might have to pick up those iRiver transmitters. That 500GB drive is teasing me as are the knives. Damn you Consumerist!

  3. kmanfactor says:

    What’s that red dot on your sweater?

  4. Chicago7 says:

    Every time you see a woot that you like, you should check and double check. My experience is that you can usually get it cheaper, and if you can’t get it cheaper, it’s really outmoded technology.

    Sometimes last year’s technology does the job, though, ie, Microsoft products.

  5. mopar_man says:

    The iRiver transmitters are roughly $10 on eBay. They’re $20 from I figured at that price they aren’t a bad deal. I know they’re old stock as the iRiver site lists the AFT200.