Morning Deals

Meguiar’s Classic Wash and Wax Kit for $25 Shipped

• Free Sample of Always Clean (a feminine hygiene product)

Jellyfish: If you liked the s Smackdeal shopping game yesterday, did you know that they have one every weekday from 1-2:30pm, Eastern?

Highlights From Dealhack 8 Weeks Free: Online & Print Wall Street Journal Subscription
Dell Home: Save $350 off Updated Inspiron Dual Core Notebook PCs WD 60GB Passport Portable USB 2.0 Drive $50 Shipped

Highlights From Bargainist

MoMA: Extra 10% off all sale items 35% off all sale items coupon Farberware Classic 15-Piece Set $100


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  1. mopar_man says:

    Again with having to click to see all the deals. THIS NEW FORMAT SUCKS!

  2. Dave-O says:

    Just FYI, the smack show is 12:00-1:30 central, 1:00-2:30 eastern.

  3. mantene says:

    DAVE-O is correct. The Smack Show with SmackDaddy takes place at from 1:00 to 2:30 EDT. Come join the fun!

  4. Mike Panic says:

    Memory 100-pack CD-R blank discs $6.50 after using code, free in-store pickup @ Office Depot, no rebates.

  5. Lula Mae Broadway says:

    Uh – newsflash – Women already are “always clean” – that’s how the body works. I know the morning deals aren’t meant to be political, but guys… bad call.

    Don’t know what’s worse, the product itself or that the link to it is for free promotional products (notebooks “tattoos?!) with their slogan on it. Consumerist readers don’t read the blog to become walking corporate billboards.

  6. acambras says:

    OK, I tried to get used to the new format, but I hate hate hate it. I’m now reading Consumerist through an RSS reader. :-(

  7. Maeg says:

    re: the WD 60GB USB drive:

    Clicked through, ’cause I could always use more storage, and the top blurb said,

    “Get the Western Digital Passport 60GB USB 2.0 Portable External Hard Drive for only $90 – $50 instant savings = $50 shipped at” Clicking through shows it even has FREE SHIPPING!

    …Maybe I just don’t shop online as much as I should, but since when did $90 – $50 = $50?

  8. lizzybee says:

    “Have a happy period?” Are those Always idiots on crack? It’s embarrassing enough to shop for tampons, etc. without having to tattoo yourself as a period sufferer… **sigh**

  9. spanky says:

    Vinnie’s tampon cases also has free stickers, for people who don’t mind advertising their ladies’ special days.