FDA: Veggie Booty Snack Food Contaminated With Salmonella

The FDA is warning consumers not to eat Veggie Booty snack food, because there is a risk of salmonella contamination. Reader Ethan asked us to announce this recall because “Pretty much everyone I know who has a toddler buys this stuff.” We’d never heard of it, but Salon.com calls it “crack for babies” and says it smells “funkier than poop.” Ok.

The FDA says parents should throw away any packages of Robert’s American Gourmet brand Veggie Booty they have in their home. Anyone who has eaten the stuff and experiences the following symptoms should immediately see a doctor.

Salmonella typically causes diarrhea (may be bloody); the diarrhea is often accompanied by abdominal cramps and fever. Symptoms typically begin within one to four days after exposure to the bacteria. In infants, persons with poor underlying health and those with weakened immune systems, Salmonella can invade the bloodstream and cause life-threatening infections.

The warning is based on 52 illnesses in 17 states:

California (seven cases), Colorado (five cases), Connecticut (one case), Georgia (one case), Indiana (one case), Massachusetts (three cases), Minnesota (two cases), New Hampshire (two cases), New Jersey (two cases), New York (13 cases), Oregon (one case), Pennsylvania (three cases), Tennessee (one), Texas (one), Vermont (three cases), Washington (four cases), and Wisconsin (two cases).

According to the FDA, “Almost all the illnesses have occurred in children under 10 years old, with the most cases in toddlers. Most persons had reported bloody diarrhea; four were hospitalized.” Manufacturing of Veggie Booty has ceased, so toss out your supply and report any illnesses. If you have any questions, call the FDA at 888-INFO-FDA.

FDA Warns Consumers Not to Eat Veggie Booty Snack Food [FDA]

(Photo: Salon)

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