Coming Soon: The Oprah Store!

Oprah has announced the inevitable opening of an “Oprah store” next to her studio in Chicago where one can purchase items such as an Oprah “iPod cover” and “African-designed baskets and bead art, apparel, and DVDs.”

Let it be known, however, that buying an Oprah iPod cover is just about the saddest thing we can think of, and we can think of a lot of sad things. We even own some pretty sad things. We own a fake police light that says “Hill Street Blues.” (It was free, but we kept it.) Even that isn’t as sad as paying $14 for an iPod cover with Oprah on it.

Just sayin’. Not her best idea, but all-in-all an Oprah store is still probably cooler than the whole Martha Stewart/Kmart thing.

Oprah, the store [Sun-Times]

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