Trying And Failing To Cancel US Cellular Over Text Message Rate Increase

“Did you hear any success stories from readers who tried to cancel their US Cellular contracts over the 5 cent increase on text messages? I forwarded the notice to my mother (who is usually quite talented at dealing with customer service) and she attempted to cancel three US Cellular contracts held by our family, but was met with a definitive “no” in two different attempts….”

“The reps claimed that early termination fees would only be waived if the increase affected obligatory charges (such as the voice plan).


We haven’t gotten any stories but here’s what we think.

If she doesn’t have a text messaging plan, then the charge is obligatory.

Perhaps the front-line reps are as to how standard contract law works. Tell your mother to try asking to speak to retentions. The advice offered in this post about doing the same thing for Sprint may be a good reference.

(Photo: scentzilla)

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