Tmobile To Receptionless Customer: "One Bar Is Good Enough To Make Calls"

date Jun 28, 2007 3:40 AM
subject Ludicrous customer service from T-Mobile

I am a T-Mobile customer from Sacramento California, I recently moved to San Francisco to attend SFSU in August 2006.

I am contacting you because I have been having an issue with T-Mobile customer service pushing me around and stripping me of my privileges as a consumer and a client. Throughout my conversation with customer care, the following issues I had could not be solved…

According to Supervisor “Lou” (Badge# 0955170), there was no reason to continue talking with me because he was the end of customer care and the escalation ladder and proceeded to disconnect me. I had spent my time with many representatives that day and I had ran out of patience after he insulted me many times. My following questions were dodged or were responded with unreasonable answers.

I complained that the service in my new location was sub par, and that I have waited for a new service tower since I moved to my new location. He said he would have a engineer come to the region and check it out. Many people I know have gotten the same response, long before hand and I knew the issue wasn’t going to be solved because within the period of 10 months I have lived at my location, I have resorted such actions such as: hanging my phone out the window, waiting minutes for my phone to connect a call and receive a signal.

I had Lou check out the service in my area, and on the T-Mobile coverage website it shows it as having 1 bar. My previous address was [redacted] San Francisco, CA, 94132; current temporary address is [redacted] San Francisco, CA, 94132. I told him that service has not increased at all since I have lived in my neighborhood in San Francisco. He told me that “1 bar is sufficient to make calls,” and that it was most likely my phone that wasn’t good, so he also suggested getting a new phone. The phone I purchased was ~300$ Subsidized, and I couldn’t see my self investing more since my phone is great. I am not the only person having issues in this area. He proceeded to offer me new services and phones at full price after I said I didn’t want them. If needed, I have many references who will vouch for the sub par service in this area which has not seen any increase in signal strength for T-Mobile.
Moreover, I asked for a hard bound copy of my contract, he responded by saying that T-Mobile will not forward that to me, and he continued to give me instructions to drive to Sacramento from San Francisco and locate the T-Mobile store where I had purchased service to obtain a copy of my contract.

He then insisted that I reached the end of the customer service line which I knew was non-sense and said no one else could help me and disconnected me without proper closure.

Due to the level of customer service I expected as a basic part of the contract, and the profound lack of customer service that has been demonstrated by T-Mobile, I respectfully will be requesting to be released of my contract with no penalty.

Eduardo [redacted]
ACCT# (916-[redacted]

Ridiculous. Why should anyone pay ~$60 a month for something that doesn’t even work?

Eduardo is using tip #2 of our “6 Ways To Cancel Any Cellphone Contract” advice post. Non/sub-par service is DEFINITELY a reason to be let out of a cellphone contract without early termination fees. And from what he says, it sounds like he’s not the only customer affected by Tmobile’s poor coverage.

If Dotson, has any manhood, he’ll tell his executive customer service team to cancel Eduardo’s contract without fuss or muss.

Still, even if Eduardo does escape contract, he’s still stuck with a $300 techno brick, which he’ll either have to eat, or sell on eBay, Craigslist or one of several online sites devoted to reselling phones and contracts.

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