New Nested Comments Script

The new site design made YogurtEarl retweak his nested comments script so if you were using and loving it, you will have to download it again. Supports Firefox with GreaseMonkey and Opera with Opera UserJS.


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  1. faust1200 says:

    Thanks YogurtEarl! The script helps a lot.

  2. RonDiaz says:

    Or……………go back to the old design please? :)

  3. juri squared says:


    This also reminded me to update the script options to include Jezebel. Hooray!

  4. Trae says:

    Nested comments won’t stop the new design from sucking massive ass.

    My god this new layout is terrible. Revert man, REVERT.

  5. Pasketti says:

    I wouldn’t say it sucks ass, but it could use a bit more tweaking.

    For example, the author name off to the right should line up with the TOP of the comment rather than the bottom. And put the little user picture over there, too. Keep all that stuff in the same area.

    This applies to the author name on the main page, too.

  6. Pasketti says:

    And while I’m at it, the picture in the masthead to the left obscures a lot of the text there. Black text on top of black picture = unreadable.

  7. phrygian says:

    Agreed with PASKETTI — the new layout does not “sucks ass” but it could use some improvements to make it more readable/usable.

    I’m having a hard time focusing on much of anything on the index pages; my eyes are automatically skipping over pretty much anything that’s not in large, bold, black font AND anything that has an image to the left of the title. And, since y’all have been posting more and more title-less stuff/stuff with images to the left of the title, that means I’m skipping over 75% of the content. It’s not that I want to skip over it; it’s that my eyes/brain aren’t registering most of the content as actual content.

    The main content font’s not helping either. It’s too compact to be easily read. “Lucida Grande” (and even Tahoma) are not very screen-friendly fonts. Stick with Verdana if you want a nice sans-serif font. Otherwise, make the font-size larger and add more line-height to add more white space and make everything easier to read.

  8. ncboxer says:

    If you have Firefox another good plug-in to try is Stylish. You can do the same with a custom Greasemonkey script, but it is a lot more difficult. With Stylish (which I first downloaded after seeing the unreadable new Consumerist- sorry not everyone has Macs and Lucida Grande), you can do some simple CSS, like

    body {font-family: Georgia !important;}

    and all the main text changes. And you can set it so it only shows up on pages. You can look up CSS on the web to do other basic changes, like make the story titles show up bigger.

  9. pestie says:

    @RonDiaz: Yes, please! Oh, god, yes please!

  10. McWatt says:

    I can’t take this font. It makes my eyeballs ache. It’s so annoying that I too had to make a special style sheet just for consumerist. Why do you guys switch designs so often anyway? You should put the time/resources into proofreading your posts for grammatical errors and typos instead of stumbling around with the design. Sorry for being so harsh but that’s what reading this font does to people. I bet the posts since the redesign are generally more negative and passive aggressive than with the old layout.

  11. Theseus says:

    adding my voice to the “please revert” chorus…