Home Depot Guts Your Kitchen, Never Comes Back

Home Depot has been fined $750 by Westchester County, NY for operating without a license after one of their subcontractors allegedly gut the kitchen of a resident, dumped the debris on the customer’s driveway, then never showed up again.

The customer further complains that he paid Home Depot $26,362 to have his deck removed and replaced, but they never showed up to do the work. From Lower Hudson Online:

[Todd] Ruffalo said he paid the Home Depot in Port Chester $15,917 last October to rebuild his kitchen.

He said a worker from a subcontracting company demolished his kitchen, but never returned.

Ruffalo said he got no response from numerous phone calls and letters to Home Depot.

“You can only be ignored for so long,” he said. “You get so frustrated.”

He said he and his family were without a kitchen for more than two months before he hired another contractor to do the work for $30,623.

Gaccione [Westchester Department of Consumer Protection spokesperson] said the company credited Ruffalo for $2,140 and offered to reimburse him for another $4,870, if he would sign a waiver promising not to take further legal action against the company. Ruffalo turned that offer down.

The company claimed Ruffalo was unhappy with the subcontractor and ordered the kitchen work stopped, Gaccione said.

This is both sad and hilarious. Poor Todd.

Home Depot fined for lack of license [Lower Hudson Online]
(Photo:Michael L)

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