If you quantify the language experts used in their hands-on iPhone reviews you get a critical consensus of, “Buy the amazing device, if you can afford it,” writes Valleywag.


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  1. dbeahn says:


    Uh? Oh, more iPhone crap.

  2. castlecraver says:

    Buy the amazing device, if you can afford it.

    This does seem to be the message coming from all angles, doesn’t it? No one seems to give a very good reason why, however. As a phone it’s average, as a music player it’s rather schweet, but as a smartphone, it’s inferior to much cheaper models already on the market. I’m sorry, but I’m just unwilling to shell out that kind of money just based on the sexy factor. As far as I’m concerened (and I believe it would be a hard argument to make for many others), the Jesusphone is no way worth $5-600 over what’s already in my pocket today.

    We might debate the technical merits of the iPhone until we’re blue in the faces, and I highly doubt the argument will wane even after the thing is released. However, I fail to see how lining up to splurge so much money on a freshman product, that’s really not all that damned revolutionary and is actually frustratingly crippled in some respects comprises responsible consumerism.

  3. dantsea says:

    I’d like one. I’d really, really like one.

    But not enough to fight all the other Apple fanboys on Friday for a space in line at the Apple Store to buy one, and surely not enough to switch to VeriAT&T.

    Not to mention that first versions of Apple hardware have a reputation for being, ah, “quirky.”