How To Repair A Plastic Bumper

Plastic bumpers are a real snagglepuss to repair but it can be done, and for less than your deductible, this Instructable by Popular Mechanics tells us.

One of the main things to consider is which type of plastic your bumper is. There should be a stamp inside identifying it as PP, PPO, TPE, PUR, or TPUR. The adhesive products you purchase will have to match up and you should check with the store to make sure you’re getting the right ones.

The procedure looks moderate to advanced in difficulty, but sure beats forking over that dough.

Plastic Bumper Repair [Instructables]


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  1. tcp100 says:

    Keep in mind removing and putting a bumper back on is not always trivial at all; may want your car’s service manual for that.

    Overall, OK, but pretty vague. Advice on materials is “consult your auto parts store”. Gee, thanks. Only real tip is the tool to use depending on plastic when cutting the “V” groove, and that step in and of itself is pretty unclear. How and where exactly do you cut into your bumper? How deep, and why? I really failed to see the exact point of that step and how it’s done, as well as why it says to do it on both sides. Sounds like it could make a small trivial tear even worse.

    Leaves out the final step of repainting, which is an onerous task in and of itself.

    Honestly, simplifying this with a drill / pull / fill procedure would be much more effective for a most small damage on a plastic bumper.

  2. Jesus On A Pogo Stick says:

    @tcp100: I agree. My car had an unfortunate meeting with a building (No, I was not drunk) and I’d love to be able to fix my bumper myself, but this advice was pretty vague. Guess I’ll just have to consult my owner’s manual and use the good ol’ “try and (hopefully not) fail” method.

  3. methane says:

    So the building hit you while you were sober? :)

  4. buggy_bee says:

    @Saturn cargo liner: So next. never use plastic bumpers. Metal bumpers, much more durable.