Find Jeans That Actually Fit Using The Power Of The Internet

Shopping site has a fun jean fit finder that you can use to (supposedly) find jeans that flatter your particular curves. We tried it and it spat out 5 pairs of jeans that we either could not afford or hated, but we did feel that the idea was sound. It told us why we should buy ugly Jessica Simpsony jeans and why they would fit us better than jeans we actually liked.

The advice, while unwelcome and slightly depressing, seemed correct. Even though the site is meant for women, we had Ben enter his stats.

The results? “Mine didn’t look too good on the girls. They looked uncomfortable, but then again, they’re trying to wear my jeans.” We’d call that a success.



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  1. ikimashokie says:

    Oooh, this seems fun, and there’s one for bras coming soon.

    Perhaps I’ll finally be able to find that stupid all-purpose, NASA-engineered bra that I’ve been looking for.

  2. ika411 says:

    I usually have a terrible time finding jeans that would fit well and like. I just tried the website out and it gave me 25 results, most of which I liked and some of which I have tried out and liked in person!

    I also have a lot of difficulty find bras that would fit well so I can’t wait to see what that’ll tell me.

  3. tcp100 says:

    Hey, what about us guys. We need us some fancy fittin’ man pants. I guess the internets just thinks guys don’t care about clothes.

  4. tcp100 says:

    @ikimashokie: “Perhaps I’ll finally be able to find that stupid all-purpose, NASA-engineered bra that I’ve been looking for.”

    I was going to say something about lift, aerodynamics, and nose cones, but figured that may be inappropriate, so I’ll let you fill in those blanks.

  5. Lewis says:

    Meh. Thanks, Consumerist, for making me search out, and now know, what a “muffin top” is.

    It’s a bit delicious to say that a jeansbot like this can come up with my perfect fit based upon some pretty generic questions (even though I am male, and the sizing is female-oriented), but it’s a neat concept.

  6. bbbici says:

    i always thought girls were trying to achieve muffin tops, like that is “the look”. otherwise, why would they choose to wear such ill-fitting jeans and short tops?

    i once complimented a girl on her muffin tops and she hasn’t spoken to me since.

  7. magic8ball says:

    I really really disagreed with their recommendations. Almost everything they recommended was “boot cut,” and every single boot cut jean I’ve EVER tried on has made me look short and stumpy. I think their questions were maybe too general. It would probably work better if they asked for actual measurements, as opposed to “Are you kind of like this, or more like this?”

  8. VA_White says:

    The jeans they recommended for me are the ones I already own. Sweet. All those hours spent watching “What Not to Wear” have paid off.

  9. Raanne says:

    Same with me – the jeans that it recommended were my favorite jeans that I already own. guess they know what they are talking about.

  10. sarkathstic says: allows you to input your actual measurments and, in my opinion, has a better selection of jeans.

  11. homerjay says:

    Yeah, Truejeans rocked. I went through their process (I’m a dude) and they made some very good recommendations- all within a very reasonable price range from $195 to $245. I can’t afford NOT to waste that kind of money!!

    I’ll stick to Banana Republic outlet, thanks.

  12. sarkathstic says:

    @homerjay: They definitely have some pricey stuff, but at least for me they spit out some jeans under $100. Zafu recommended jeans that aren’t made in my size.

  13. @bbbici: “otherwise, why would they choose to wear such ill-fitting jeans and short tops?”

    Sadly, when short tops are all that’s on the market, you don’t get much choice, particularly if you’re long-torsoed. (And as for ill-fitting jeans, women are a lot harder to fit in off-the-rack pants than men are, and men should shut the hell up about it. It’s not like we can’t TELL they don’t fit, but the alternative is nudity, and that’s only allowed where there’s an adequate concentration of dirty hippies.)

    I swear one of the major reasons I buy Threadless out of stock is that their girly Ts are so beautifully LONG.

  14. spanky says:

    That website doesn’t recognize Swiftfox OR Opera.

    That’s OK, though. I don’t need their stupid xenophobic dungaree advice. Their dumb bigot pants would probably make my ass look like a telephone book.

  15. tcp100 says:

    @spanky: “That website doesn’t recognize Swiftfox OR Opera….Their dumb bigot pants..”

    Zealotry makes you look bad no matter how big your ass is.

  16. KatK says:

    This has absolutely made my day. I don’t care what your body type is, buying flattering jeans is a long and difficult process. This site just gave me 95 options in 3 minutes. Love it!

  17. The HZA. says:

    @tcp100: Because often dudes can walk in and just pick a pair in the numbers they need and then decide on a color.

    And from my time working retail, I rarely saw a dude try on pants before buying them.

  18. spanky says:


    Ah, but you underestimate the booty, my hyperliteral friend.

  19. BeccaDaisy says:

    “Based on your answers, we’ve found 0 jean that fit you best.”

    I knew it. I can never find jeans that fit. You’d think they’d give me something.

  20. Groovymarlin says:

    I just have to give a big shout-out to Zafu. It worked GREAT for me! They recommended a jean by Baby Phat, a brand that I never would have considered otherwise. I visited their website and ordered a pair and let me tell you – they are the best-fitting and most attractive jeans I’ve ever owned. For once, the length is just right (32 is always too short for me and 34 is too long, but Baby Phat’s come in 33!), the size of the slightly boot-cut opening is perfect for any kind of shoes, and they fit wonderfully and actually make my butt look better.

    I know I must sound like a completely crazy person but I am totally serious. Zafu did all it promised and more!

  21. amyjay says:

    I only got jeans that fit ok (2 stars). So having no hips or butt and long legs really do have a problem finding jeans that fit. I always hear people saying the opposite.

  22. tcp100 says:

    @heathermylove: Probably true, but I don’t get what the obsession in the men’s clothing industry is with pleats.

    “Hey, let’s make pants that balloon out and make you look huge, while making sure to have you look ‘extra happy’ when you sit down”.

    Finding flat-front pants in my size have been quite surprisingly difficult, actually (36×32).

  23. dcndn says:

    Consumerist, when I click on a link in your post, I expect to be taken to a website, not a list of your internal tags. This is why you have tags at the bottom, so I can click on them if I want them. Please stop fucking with me.

  24. tcp100 says:

    @dcndn: I think this is more to do with some of the gawker-wide crapola that looks cute but is functionally retarded. You know, kinda like the iphone. The Consumerist itself may not have much say in it.. so guys, do ya? The internal tag thing is annoying.

  25. lyndyn29 says:

    The last time I went to the site the Flash was broken, so I was pleasantly surprised that the “interview” only took a couple of minutes and came back with nine options (even though I’m *really* hard to fit). Five of them were Gap, all of those were under $60, and the one I liked best at a glance was also the cheapest. I haven’t shopped in a Gap since I was fifteen; I guess it’s time for a trip to the outlet mall.

  26. synergy says:

    @magic8ball: That’s only if you’re getting something tailored and not for off-the-rack clothes, I would think.

  27. sarkathstic says:

    @tcp100: My boyfriend is the same size and has been successful with the GAP wrinkle-free stain-resistant chinos which come in flat-front and 5 or 6 colors.

  28. Gloria says:

    @Eyebrows McGee: Really? I can’t find anything but ridiculously long shirts in stores now … it seems to have been the style for a year or so now. Long shirts are nice, but depending on how they fit, they often accentuate soft bellies and chubby hips. No good. Can’t I just get a shirt that is neither short nor long?

  29. nardo218 says:

    Oh, sweet, these are great. I can never find decent jeans, so I’m printing out this list and will scour the mall (next time I have money).

  30. @Gloria: Definitely true they’re coming back in longer, although I’m only starting to see the leading edge of it in the stores. You probably live somewhere trendier than me and so I get the trend six to 12 months after you. :)

    I live close enough to Chicago and shop there when visiting my parents that I will actually SEE THE SAME EXACT DRESS six months later as the “new” dress in the downstate department stores!

  31. SisterHavana says:

    @Eyebrows McGee: Sadly, when short tops are all that’s on the market, you don’t get much choice, particularly if you’re long-torsoed.

    Short tops don’t work too well if you’re extremely busty, either.

    As far as Zafu goes, big props for having an option for plus size jeans. They actually found 17 kinds of jeans for me to try, some of which I already like!

  32. superbmtsub says:

    Even Jessica Simpson refuses to wear her jeans.

  33. superbmtsub says:

    I meant the “Jessica Simpson” jeans.

  34. Her Grace says:

    Ugh. They didn’t give me a single pair (out of 78 matches) I liked enough to want to buy; the few that I’ve tried on have generally been okay but not great.