Chinese "Brilliance" Car Doesn't Look Very Smart In Crash Tests

Here’s footage of some nice German people crash testing (40mph, offset) a Chinese car called the BS6. According to the Auto Blog, the CEO of Brilliance said “this very model, the BS6, would be imported to the US either later this year or in 2008.” We don’t know a whole lot about cars, but we know that when they get a 1 star rating, that’s bad. —MEGHANN MARCO

In German crash test, China’s Brilliance BS6 sedan fails miserably [AutoBlog]


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  1. nan says:

    I’ll say it first: What did we all expect from a car called “BS”?

    At least it’s not poisonous. Wait, is it?

  2. BigGiraffe says:

    I’d feel pretty safe in one of these; I mean, maybe they purposely designed it to crumple like those F1 race cars that fall apart to absorb the shock from a crash.

  3. Crazytree says:

    If China’s military equipment is anything like their cars… the world has little to fear.

  4. Dangerdog says:

    Do not want!

  5. Fuzz says:

    I don’t think they understand the concept of “crumple zone” . It is not supposed to be in the passenger compartment! And what the heck is that piece of glass flying at the lens at the end? Isn’t it supposed to be safety glass?

  6. nan says:

    @Dangerdog: LOL. Me neither.

    I especially loved the part where the shiny glass shard flew in slow motion towards the camera. Nice touch.

  7. homerjay says:

    Is there ANYTHING the Chinese can do right??? I mean besides ping-pong.

  8. Landru says:

    Brilliance? Isn’t that a brand of a toothpaste?

  9. Crazytree says:

    Apparently it is a lot harder to counterfeit a car than it is a copy of Windows XP.

  10. sizer says:

    You really need to follow the links lower down to the Landwind SUV crash videos. They’re so bad you can hear the test engineers start laughing after the impact.

    Also the in-car video of the entire steering column coming up and nearly taking the head off the dummy is very painful the watch. And then them having to take the mannequins out in pieces…

    Still, you can expect these things will sell like hotcakes at Walmart Motors.

  11. VA_White says:

    Notice the undocumented convenience feature highlighted in this video. Look carefully. You’ll see the driver’s door breaks away from the car making retrieval of the mangled corpse easier for the coroner.

  12. adrock75 says:

    That airbag is 100% Melamine!

  13. malarkey21 says:

    Did anyone else notice that the driver side dummy’s head hits the airbag comfortably and then proceeds to slide off and smack the dashboard?

    Lisa: Wait a minute, those aren’t dummies.
    German Car Salezman: Thiz ezhibit iz over!

  14. drkkgt says:

    Hmm, we didn’t get them with the toothpaste, lead toys or the dog food, so let’s send them our car of BS with free flying glass thrown in. We will destroy the capitalist pigs yet. MWhaahaaahaaahaaaa

    God I need another MT Dew.

  15. bluegus32 says:

    @malarkey21: driver’s side? They both did!

  16. deweydecimated says:

    why do i suspect that the chinese response to this will be to engineer tougher test dummies instead of safer cars?

  17. SilentDash says:

    You think the lawyer’s consultation comes standard or is that included in the optional package?

  18. TechnoDestructo says:

    I think the US automakers can stop worrying about China for another 5 or 10 years.

    Or…they could if they could cut their product development cycle to under 10 years.

  19. balthisar says:

    Well… not more than four years ago Korean cars were the absolute biggest pieces of 배설물 that you could buy. Now they beat the Europeans plus Chrysler in quality, and are pretty much par with the rest of the Americans and Japanese. Despite laughing at what we see (I’m a body engineer, for crying out loud!), these guys will get their acts together, and probably sooner rather than later.

  20. ChrisC1234 says:

    Ok, now I’ll bet the next thing we shall see is the Chinese blocking the import of foreign cars because they are unsafe.

  21. Lacclolith says:

    What’s worse here is that the quality has probably improved here, considering another Chinese motor company, Jiangling, had an SUV that managed to somehow score a zero NCAP crash test safety rating.


  22. shades_of_blue says:


    I was thinking the same thing.

    Love how the dash slams into the drivers head after he’s first rocked against the airbag. If that car actually passes DOT approval, I’d wager it’s manufacturer lasts less than Daewoo and quickly closes up shop before the lawsuits begin.

    Can you hear imagine jokes about that thing will spark if it sits shelves?

    guy1 – you hear Walmart now sells cars?
    guy2 – No
    guy1 – yeah, they come equipped with accidental death disclaimers and an unknown bacterial strain.
    guy2 – Must be ‘Made in China’

  23. TechnoDestructo says:


    No need, they already have a 28 percent tariff on them.

  24. If memory serves, the Landwind SUV is a copy of the old Isuzu Rodeo, which itself scored poorly in a similar crash test. The Landwind did even worse, which shows you what happens when you make a shoddy copy of something that was marginal to begin with.

    As far as the Brilliance, the fact that the roof severely buckled is indicative of major structural failure. It goes without saying that the occupants were not well protected. Besides partly missing the airbag, it appears that the driver dummy’s head hit the B-pillar on rebound. Not Goodâ„¢.

  25. catnapped says:

    @drkkgt: ZING! Just what I was thinking.

  26. wobudong says:

    Never mind the car. Where can I buy the crash barrier?

  27. stevemis says:

    Holy cats! You’re probably safer in a Pinto.

    Brilliance: “No thanks, I’d rather walk.”

  28. holocron says:

    I think you all covered everything I had to say already.
    ’nuff said..

    Wait? Glycol in the seat cushions?

  29. ChrisC1234 says:

    @TechnoDestructo: If there’s a 28% tariff on foreign cars in China, I’d say that 28% is money well spent.

  30. Unbelievable. Bitch after bitch about China. Did a Chinese person or corporation do something to you to make you so bitter or do you just genuinely believe that anything that country does is wrong? Is there anything good that you have to say about that country or do you only do one sided reporting? It’s getting a little old. You must be proud.

  31. pronell says:

    Savvy Boomer, are you serious?


    Okay, go ahead and buy one. I’m not riding with you.

    Guess I’m not that savvy.

  32. synergy says:

    I am in yur BS6.

    Exploding yur brainz.

  33. Trai_Dep says:

    So they’ve gone from slaughtering our pets, our livestock, our coughing children, finally they’re going for the big game: US adults.


    Someone call Joe Leiberman: when can we start dropping bombs?

  34. Trai_Dep says:

    Pronell: Boomer’s a troll. One of many. Whatever is the right thing to say, they’ll show that, behind their pot-bellied, prematurely-balding, erective-disfunctional, pajama-clad, furiously typing fingers, they’re r-r-r-r-e-b-e-l-s!


  35. Chese says:

    This is shocking. Made in China has always meant high quality! Right?

  36. Crazytree says:


    Did China do something wrong to us?

    Yes, flooding our country with dangerous, shitty products bankrolled by an artificially suppressed currency.

  37. bnissan97 says:

    If I remember correctly there was a new story on this over a year ago and some head guy at this auto firm said that lots had to be done to get the car allowed into the US due to our standards. Perhaps they have more work to do.

  38. says:

    @Lacclolith: That looked really safe — not only does the airbag cushion your impact, but the steering wheel comes up to help support your face too…

    Having worked in the US automotive industry, and having seen the massive quality problems Chinese suppliers create just in automotive components, I wouldn’t trust a whole car from them at all. (I don’t particularly trust Ford or GM any more, either, since they use the crap components I mentioned… but at least their cars don’t fold up like tissue paper on impact.)

  39. b612markt says:

    This is the most horrifying thing I have ever seen in modern crash tests. I pray that nothing like this ever reaches our shores. If they can build a better, SAFER car than this – I’d welcome it with open arms.

    This car, however, will surely be a deathtrap for anyone unlucky enough to be in it during an accident.

  40. Regardless how ridiculous this car is, as soon as it hits American market, some schmuck would go buy it.

    Just look at all the crapmobiles on the road, they had to come from somewhere, and someone had to buy them someplace.


  41. sizer says:

    @thesavvyboomer: “Unbelievable. Bitch after bitch about China.”

    Who do people hate most? People who are most like themselves in ways they don’t like or want to admit. China (not the Chinese people, but the Chinese way of doing business) epitomizes everything we most hate about American corporations. Low standards. Slave labor. Utter disregard for their customers or employees or the environment – utter disregard for anything except making a profit. This is everything Walmart would be doing here if they could get away with it – but they can’t, so they outsource it.

    Routinely putting poison in food just because it saves you a few pennies is a perfect example of the depths of greedy, rapacious, ethics free capitalism at its worst. It’s so shocking from our sheltered point of view that we can’t help but be fascinated by it. Would YOU kill a few hundred people (indirectly) to make $50 US? What kind of person would?

    And then maybe you get the uneasy feeling deep down that this is just more proof that we really can’t compete any more with people who are willing to go that far for a buck, and it’s just a matter of time before they steamroll right over us. And we happily help them do that because it’s advantageous in the short run. And really we’re not all that much different from them; our bar is just set a little higher since we started down that path earlier. And that’s uncomfortable!

    So the short answer: ‘Fascinated Horror.’

  42. agent2600 says:


    Shitty products produced in sweatshops? its not the people this site attacks, its the bussiness that goes on there, and well, china is bad bussiness.

    stealing american jobs for cheap labor because they people there are fed stories of the american dream that they will never achive

    maybe you should go buy this car savvyboomer and crash it into whatever server hosts this website? see who comes out on top? lol

  43. mroach says:

    Now compare that to an Audi

    Or Volvo. Volvos are even designed so that the door will open after a crash for a speedy egress.

  44. Saboth says:


    Lol good one.

  45. Saboth says:


    You mean besides the poisonous petfood they’ve sent over that killed thousands of our pets…or the poisonous toothpaste…or the lead painted poisonous toys for our kids…or the double standards where they are blocking our imports as unsafe, and putting unwarranted tarrifs on our goods…. yeah are are kind of getting fed up with China at this point.

  46. buggy_bee says:

    @Saturn bug shield: Why is there so much issue on china product?

    Powerful countries are now feel the growing effect of competition made by china products, thats why they have to release such propagandas to prevent it.