Man Teaches Apple To Not Repair His Macbook By Smashing It With Sledgehammer

Watch as Michael smashes his Macbook with a variety of tools starting at 1:40 in this video. He says Apple lied to him and denied his request for repair under extended warranty because of spill damage. Michael says he didn’t spill anything, the Macbook just stopped working.

Michael coulda tried calling back again later and getting a different rep, or emailing Steve Jobs, or filing a dispute with the BBB or AG, or any number of different options. Instead, this seems to have been his most personally satisfying option.

Whether Apple is error, or a magic moisture cloud descended on the Macbook in the dead of the night, we’ll never know, but what’s unquestionable that once the sledgehammer came out, we gave the computer screen a little “rock on” hand sign.

Apple Care is Not So Nice [Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained]