Man Teaches Apple To Not Repair His Macbook By Smashing It With Sledgehammer

Watch as Michael smashes his Macbook with a variety of tools starting at 1:40 in this video. He says Apple lied to him and denied his request for repair under extended warranty because of spill damage. Michael says he didn’t spill anything, the Macbook just stopped working.

Michael coulda tried calling back again later and getting a different rep, or emailing Steve Jobs, or filing a dispute with the BBB or AG, or any number of different options. Instead, this seems to have been his most personally satisfying option.

Whether Apple is error, or a magic moisture cloud descended on the Macbook in the dead of the night, we’ll never know, but what’s unquestionable that once the sledgehammer came out, we gave the computer screen a little “rock on” hand sign.

Apple Care is Not So Nice [Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained]


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  1. Falconfire says:

    Or he could have admit his stupid ass spilled something in it.

    I had a co-worker who said the same damn thing “I didnt spill anything in it” in response to Apple denying his Powerbook G4 repair. I got my hands on it later on and sure enough quite obvious signs that coffee had been spilled in it.

    That being said, I ALSO currently have in my possession a MBP that had a ceiling and rain water dump on in when the roof came in in one of our satellite offices. Blew out the dust, and the charger was shot, but the MBP works like a charm. Just had to get a replacement charger from Apple.

  2. cheviot says:

    When these situations come up the first thing you do is ask the company for digital photos of the liquid damage. That being said, Apple has the best customer satisfaction rating in the business.

    They didn’t get that rating by pretending laptops have liquid spill damage when they don’t. They’re good at making the customer happy… but they won’t cover damage that’s not covered by the warranty just to make you happy.

  3. joemono says:

    While I do appreciate the tools of destruction magically appearing in his hands, this guy is a child.

  4. Falconfire says:

    @cheviot: Apple will send you photos of the damage. They have for us in the past.

  5. spinachdip says:

    I’m always mystified when I read about people who are disgruntled about Apple’s customer care. They’ve never not fixed an issue, whether it was my fault or not or whether it was covered under warranty.

    The best was an iBook that was pretty beaten up, mostly because it was dropped on hardwood floor a couple of times – I sent it in to fix a monitor issue, it came back looking like new.

    More recently, I had a dying hard drive replaced. I declined the data transfer option, since I thought I had backed everything up. After I got home and realized the backup process went wonky, I called the store and they backed my data up for free.

    Are these people just catching the customer service reps on their bad days?

  6. Pelagius says:

    I wish I had thousands of dollars to throw away on expensive toys that I could smash with a sledgehammer.


  7. cobaltthorium says:

    I worked for three years as a cell phone CSR/tech at a dealer. People use this stor ALL THE TIME! “I didn’t spill anything on it” or “I didn’t drop it in anything”, but the red litmus paper and corroded green copper says that it got wet. People don’t understand that you can’t leave things out in the car overnight, or that it may takes weeks or months for liquid damage to manifest. This guy acted childishly and didn’t follow any courses of action that The Consumerist would have given him, had he simply asked for help.

  8. Deusfaux says:

    disregarding the veracity of his claims for a moment, what do you all say of the potential of an Apply employee spilling something on the laptop during diagnosis/repair for another issue, and blaming the customer for it?

    How could you ever prove otherwise? It must have happened to someone somewhere.

    An analogous situation might be a mechanic that f’s up your car when you bring it in for a check up or some other issue.

  9. mattcoats says:

    Wow, he sure showed them!

    That dungeon master needs to learn to work the system. I wonder how long it took him to decide which sword from his collection to use for that video.

  10. spinachdip says:

    The problem I have with this video, besides the whole D&D vibe, is that he ignores the Rule of Three, i.e., narrative is more effective when you group things in threes, be it in repetition or in sequence.

    In this video, the sledgehammer should have been the third item. Not that it would’ve made this video more enjoyable or anything, but it would have made it slightly less amateurish.

  11. Raze50 says:

    @Deusfax: I used to work in an Independent Camera Repair shop,and whenever I’d f**k up someone’s camera (which from time to time happens, no repair tech is ever 100% flawless) I’d always make it right with the customer. We’d usually eat the cost of the repair and set the customer up with a loaner. I don’t think a repair tech made this goof with Smashy’s MacBook.

    Spill damage doesn’t always mean that there was liquid applied directly to a component (i.e. coffee on the keyboard). It could be that water vapor condensed inside his Mac and caused the problem. Then again, now that it’s smashed to bitty bits, the whole issue is moot. The guy’s just a smashtard who wanted to break sh*t.

  12. Chaosium says:

    In checking out systems in an OEM’s repair facility, I’ve seen hundreds of systems “mysteriously” show up with anything from soda, water, to (jealous!) cat piss on system boards and components.

    I’m not saying it’s impossible for his story to be true, but it is pretty unlikely compared to how much attempted fraud does occur.

  13. royal72 says:

    michael, first off, have a cocktail, smoke a bowl, take a nice warm bath, rub one out, or whatever the fuck you gotta do to calm down… now that’s better. have a seat… be honest, did you spill something on your macbook? are you sure?… well could someone else have spilled something on it?… then you need to talk to apple… shhh, now wait a minute… talk to apple to show you proof of water damage and we’ll continue from there… i know, but start with them and remember to stay cool… alright buddy? i know it sucks, but just calm down and we’ll work it out.

  14. Lindsey84 says:

    Apple has the best customer care in the business. My boyfriend spilled a pop on my Powerbook. When I sent it in, obviously they said I would have to pay to have it replaced. However, they were unable to find one of the parts they needed, so they sent me a brand new Powerbook for free. I think it pays to be really nice to the customer service representatives. I was always polite and kind, even when it took three months for them to give up on finding the part. Patience paid off!

  15. zentec says:

    I noticed that he reported that Apple said that “if he took the $700 for the repairs and used it to purchase another brand of laptop, they were fine with that”. That gives me the impression that something about the situation was unreasonable; either the spill damage was so obvious that they thought this “Systems Engineer” was trying to pull one over on them, or his behavior on the phone was so rude and intolerable that they simply did not care he was no longer a customer.

    What’s sad is that he could have given the laptop to someone and let them pay the repairs and someone could have a Macbook for $700. Instead, he chose to look like an immature 15 year old.

    Some people deserve $300 crap laptops from China; this clown is one of them.

  16. It sounded like he was going to cry.

  17. consumer_999 says:

    Always wear your safety goggles before taking out rage on products.

  18. macisdumb says:

    Wow, how absurd some of you people are. This person has a genuine issue and you look to you’re own great experiences as nullifying what he claims is a legitimate problem. So what if your experience was good with Apple. What most of you dont understand is that there are those who don’t get the help they are looking for and this is their forum for communicating what they feel is rightfully wrong.

    Now I am sure at one point in your lives you HAVE experienced poor customer service and were shocked because you heard they were normally great with their customer service. What method would you use to try to communicate to others your experience? Maybe the best thing is to recognize what he experienced and possibly provide like experiences and how you overcame them or alternate avenues for resolving such problems.

    But then again, you all must be Apple stock holders and assume that your precious company is not able to commit such horribly un-customer friendly acts. Go back to drinking your Xanax laced mocha latte’s from Starbucks and stfu.

    Also what the hell is with you people. “video less amateurish” I suppose someone like Steven Spielburg would be directing such a masterpiece as SMASH MY MAC UP. OF COURSE THIS IS MADE BY AN AMATEUR!! Do you honestly think he was trying to make art? You are an eff tard.

    D&D? What are you still in the 70’s? Go get your Magic cards and run back to your eff tard friends. Since when does an axe, sledgehammer, golf club, and sword and then smashing a piece of technology have to do with D&D. You sir are an eff tard.

  19. k8supergrover says:

    can you get different levels of applecare? I know with *cough* dell *cough* evil *cough* you can get a package that covers everything (including a pitcher of beer that a girl in my frosh dorm dumped on hers) with a tech at your house the next day.

    Also, was this dude in the room when it stopped working? or was it during a party when someone yelled from the other room “uh…dude…your computer just stopped working…can I have more 7-up?”

  20. dulakian says:

    @zentec: Apple laptops are made in China.

    I took what I considered reasonable steps to get the problem resolved. Beyond that, I spent my money elsewhere rather than spending it on repairs. I voted with my money, and didn’t further profit a company that gave me bad service. I salvaged components from the laptop and sold them, and used that money to buy a different brand of laptop. A company gets 1 chance to satisfy me. I refuse to hold a company to a lower standard than my clients hold me to. I find it hilarious how many personal attacks are being made. Lotta apple fanbois up in this bitch.

    For the record I loved my macbook, and I loved OS X, I just disliked the service I got. I will never spend money with Apple again after this situation. My video was quite fun to make, immature or not, it was a blast.

    I actually think the problem was thermal in nature, since the laptop was getting to very high temps in the week or so leading up to it dying completely. The mainboard looks a little toasty to me, showing brown spots that look like burns, around the cpu. It does not look like spill residue to me, since it won’t wipe off at all. I have the parts in a bag here and I have inspected the mainboard and the cdrom drive for residue from a spill and I’m unable to see anything beyond the brown spots around the cpu.

    While I expected some skepticism, I didn’t expect all the personal attacks. Are all apple fans this fanatic or is it just the vocal minority?

  21. Henrythoreau says:

    I’ve often had great luck with the Apple repair desk and, at times, if you are very nice, they will fix something that you admit to having broken (like keys I’ve busted while trying to pry out a small wedge of a taco chip from inside the keyboard)

    My approach is to be honest and offer up front to cover the cost of repairs that I’m responsible for.

    However, they do need to get rid of the term Genius Bar. Perhaps it is just me, but I would rather have the geniuses of the world working on cancer research or string theory rather than adding memory to my Mac.


  22. Rapter09 says:

    This guy sounds like a sorry soul, who screwed up and knew he screwed up. Applecare repair centre would have taken photographs of the damage; they don’t just arbitrarily send units back without proof of damage. If he was to provide people with his information, you were to call, and request pictorial proof they could supply it.

  23. dulakian says:

    @henrythoreu: one of the main reasons I bought the macbook was a story a friend of mine told me. He had an older titanium powerbook with applecare. He spilled an entire Dr. Pepper on it, and they gave him a refurbished unit 1 month before his extended warranty was up. I was impressed by this story, and it led me to believe that applecare was all-inclusive. I bought the laptop, and after about a month an applecare rep called me and convinced me to get the extended warranty. I did assume it was all-inclusive, and had I spilled anything on it, I would have been sure to mention it, since I was under the impression the warranty covered just about anything after hearing my friends story. I did not spill anything on the laptop, and they refused to warranty the product. I was stunned by this, having heard so many good things about their service.

  24. strider_mt2k says:

    What a childish way to handle things.
    Good thing a person didn’t piss him off to that extent, huh?

  25. mac-phisto says:

    i can’t speak about applecare b/c i have never dealt w/ them directly. however, i have been on both the customer & business side of consumer electronics repair in the past & i can say with certainty that “water damage” is a cop out commonly used by more than one repair center to circumvent warranty coverage (followed closely by “impact damage”).

    whether or not applecare is one of “those types” of repair centers, i cannot say. one would hope not, but i’ve heard my share of stories about them.

  26. TPIRman says:

    @macisdumb: Your handle doesn’t exactly lend the air of mature objectivity to your screed. Of course, neither does the actual screed.

  27. The Bigger Unit says:

    Where are the “This wouldn’t have happened with a Mac!” people now?

  28. dulakian says:

    As a general rule, I like to do things that are fun. Destroying my macbook was fun. I got a group together, we had some beers, I broke out all the bigger tools I had at my disposal and sledged the hell out of it. Other than that, I could care less if apple likes what I have to say about their service or not. I read somewhere that when someone receives good service they tell 2 people, but when they receive bad service they tell 10 people. I just happen to know how to use the internet, so I’m telling thousands. Tough shit if apple or any of their fans don’t like my video, I like it and that’s all that matters. There are a lot more people that now know about the crappy service I got than if I just sat around and bitched about it in a couple forums.

  29. jeffislouie says:

    Good work, consumerist.
    This may be the first article in a while that took a look at the story and didn’t automatically side with the consumer!
    Here’s the deal – apple says it has spill damage. If you disagree, ask for evidence.
    If they refuse it, either be a big boy and get it fixed on your dollar (there are plenty of shops that will fix it for less than you might expect) or donate it to a high school or other worthwhile charitable cause.
    Smashing it with a hammer makes you look rather silly.
    However, I will be the first to say that it is your property. If you want to smash it, that’s your issue and I don’t care.
    But posting it all?
    Well, that’s just asking for people to call you an idiot.
    We all make mistakes – will you learn from this one?

  30. dulakian says:

    @jeffislouie: I’ve learned that apple fans turn immediately to personal attacks when given any evidence that Apple is in the wrong. Regardless it’s amusing the hell out of me. The burden of proof is on the accuser, as such I have the pieces in a bag, and will probably take some high resolution pictures to post on my blog in the next day or two. I have to borrow a good camera, mine won’t do a high enough resolution to show anything. I really don’t feel I have anything to prove to a vocal minority of apple worshipping asshats, but again, it’s entertaining.

  31. jeffislouie says:

    A few things:
    Just ’cause you THINK a type of coverage is included doesn’t mean it is. Always make sure to ASK and then READ the contract.

    “A company gets 1 chance to satisfy me. I refuse to hold a company to a lower standard than my clients hold me to.”

    I guess that’s one way to think. Perhaps you could consider the fact that your clients are jerks if they are so willing to drop you over a satisfaction issue. OR perhaps you just aren’t very good at retaining your ‘clients’.
    I work in sales. I have had deals go bad. I have salvaged the customer relationship.
    Everyone – EVERYONE – deserves a second chance.
    Just my opinion.
    Not everything in life has to be cut and dry. And not every decision in life has to be so final. Calm down.
    It’s not like Apple told you to screw off, they just said that there was spill damage. Who cares if you couldn’t tell after destroying the system?
    You destroyed a piece of equipment that could have been repaired.
    I hope you feel better.
    Next time, no matter what computer you buy, get a warranty that includes accidental damage protection (ADP). They are only slightly more expensive that normal warranties.

    I’m quite sure that :
    “If Apple doesn’t repair or replace my macbook, I will be making a video to put up on YouTube, and linking it to a post that details this incident. The video will be of me taking an 8 lb. sledgehammer to my useless macbook, and recommending anyone that wants a macbook to buy a cheaper pc laptop that can be replaced for less than the cost of a repair of a macbook.”
    didn’t make apple stand up and listen – or care.
    Frankly, issuing threats like that are downright hilarious because
    A) only you think they work
    2) the argument is insane.
    You love your macbook so much that if apple doesn’t repair it, you will destroy it and spend around $1000 on another system made by someone else. That’s love alright.
    Do you love your girlfriend so much that if she doesn’t marry you, you’ll kill your dog and get a new girlfriend?
    Silly, silly nerd.

  32. MisterE says:

    Sigh – The Dungeon Master never thought to escalate the issue, ask for proof, or even follow any advice Consumerist users are known for. Then he comes on the board and justifies his actions over a couple of beers. Sigh. Like the man says, “Tough Shit.” How can you argue with this logic? It’s his money.

  33. mach1andy says:

    I agree with the majority of these comments. Apple has never not fixed a computer that I’ve had a problem with. Prime example:

    A friend of mine is one of these early adopters and after 8 months of owning the first version MacBook Pro, I bought it from him for $700 for my sister’s college graduation gift.

    As a precautionary measure, I took the computer into Apple to make sure everything was up to speed. They took it in, found that the logic board, heat sink and hard drive all needed to be replaced. (My buddy claims nothing had happened to it) but he did have the extended warranty on it. A week later, the computer was fixed.

    When I picked it up, I noticed that the case had a bit of a bend in it that wasn’t there before. I mentioned this to the genius and he sent it back out and they replaced the top and bottom case.

    A perfect example of how this company works– they WILL take care of you and in return, you wind up being a loyal customer.

    2 weeks ago I bought a new MPB for myself, recommended an iMac for a friend that bought one and got an ipod for my dad for father’s day.

    They give, you give. Its a win-win. This guy should have gone over to lifehacker to see how to fix your laptop if you spill on it– something with distilled water and letting it dry. Wasn’t he an IT guy?

  34. jeffislouie says:

    Hey, I agree.
    Apple is 90% hype.
    They are propped up by the fan boy geeks who do nothing but praise their systems.
    As long as you are entertained, it’s your bag.
    The righteousness isn’t there though…
    As long as you recognize the fact that you did this to entertain yourself, I’m good.
    Pretending you did it to teach apple a lesson is just downright crazy.
    Newsflash – Apple doesn’t care what you think. If they did, they wouldn’t be so snooty.
    Personally, I get a little tired of my mac buddies telling me how awesome their mac is, then when I go to use it it’s slow, doesn’t work with certain applications, and is so outdated that my Acer with dual cores smokes it at half the price.

  35. royal72 says:

    @macisdumb: “This person has a genuine issue and you look to you’re own great experiences as nullifying what he claims is a legitimate problem.”

    yeah he does have a legitimate problem, because how the hell is anything going to get resolved now, that he turned the macbook into kitty litter?

    ps. except for the line at the apple genius bar being too fucking long, every issue i’ve ever had, have been happily resolved by apple with no hassle.

    pss. if you’re gonna smash some shit up, take a cue from this kid: []

  36. dulakian says:

    @jeffislouie: While you seem to think getting a second chance is someone’s right, it is not. I agree that I shouldn’t have assumed the warranty was all-inclusive, but since I did nothing to the laptop to cause it to fail, I never needed to clarify that for myself. Only after they said there was spill damage did I go back and read the contract and realize it was not all-inclusive. My argument has been and always will be that I didn’t spill anything on the laptop. There is no simpler argument than that.

    Paying to repair an apple means apple profits off the parts. Since you cannot get apple parts from anyone but apple, I had no real 3rd party to go to. And having been bent over by the company, I wasn’t about to give them more profit by paying for a repair that should have been covered by the warranty in the first place. I wasn’t even into the extended warranty at the time, the laptop was 7 months old.

    Your girlfriend analogy doesn’t hold up, since my girlfriend is a person, and I don’t intend to take a sledge to a person, it’s completely off the mark. In that situation I would simply find another girlfriend, just as I found another laptop.

  37. M4A1 says:

    For those of you that argued either way, you don’t know the facts from both sides. Before you start to bash Apple or the consumer, you need to hear both sides of the story. But obviously, that can’t happen. As always, both sides will have different stories to tell.

    I’ve worked as computer technician before not for Apple, but if you work as a computer technician somewhere else, it’s all the same. The companies I have worked for do try to use different techniques to NOT cover warranties, only because it will cost them time and labor. Apple is no different–they could’ve done the same thing. Every single company has one goal: profit. Something mysterious could’ve happened while they had the laptop, who knows. In the end, it saved them money.

    As far as the consumer is concerned, sure there are tons of people who love to commit fraud and try to get a new laptop. If he did indeed spill anything, shame on him. Making a video that disparages Apple because of his own fault is definitely not a professional way to handle the situation. Plus, if he wanted to smash his laptop–LET HIM DO SO! It’s not our problem. I’m still on my Macbook and enjoying it. It was actually quite interesting what a MB looks like when you take heavy tool to it.

    For the guy who crushed his laptop: before you got all angry, you should’ve taken it elsewhere, and see what the problem was. Now, you say you’re a systems engineer… you should’ve been able to at least inspect it and provide your case for it. I would *assume* Apple would listen even more carefully about the issue, especially once you said you opened it up and inspected the circuit boards, and that you are an engineer of some sort.

    And I have to say this — for all of you fanboys out there, stop kneeling down to Apple! I’m an Apple user, as well. I don’t praise every decision they make. Just because they make decent computers doesn’t mean they’re always right. You’ve all been brainwashed!

  38. dulakian says:

    @MisterE: I’m brand new to consumerist, never heard of it before today. I’m not going to escalate anything to receive service. The company can service my account, or I will go elsewhere. Apple fans seem to expect some sort of mystical loyalty because the product is good. I got bad service, I took my business elsewhere. I just took the extra effort to make a memorable impression on all you apple fans after the fact.

  39. jeffislouie says:


    “Your girlfriend analogy doesn’t hold up, since my girlfriend is a person, and I don’t intend to take a sledge to a person, it’s completely off the mark. In that situation I would simply find another girlfriend, just as I found another laptop.”

    Well, at least you wouldn’t sledge your girlfriend.

    How about this one:
    If your 1978 Honda Civic broke down and Honda said that the warranty expired, would you sledge the car and buy a new one?
    Wait. That doesn’t work either.
    Forget it.
    Perhaps next time, and I’m just saying, you could try a little more before you turn to your trusty sledge.
    Best of luck!

  40. Buran says:

    @cobaltthorium: So, you automatically assume everyone is a liar?

  41. mermaidshoes says:

    “A company gets 1 chance to satisfy me.”

    i’m interested as to whether people think this is reasonable. obviously, if you have a completely terrible initial experience with a company, that’s pretty good reason not to use the company’s services again. but we all screw up sometimes–do companies “deserve” forgiveness? what (if anything) could bring you back to a company that messed up, if they didn’t apologize for / fix the situation to your satisfaction? recommendations from others? a new product that’s really cool?

  42. jeffislouie says:

    Won’t anybody think of the children? THE CHILDREN?

  43. Buran says:

    @The Nature Boy: What does operating system preference have to do with this?

  44. dulakian says:

    @jeffislouie: I simply made a video and posted it. On my blog when I was considering doing it I felt righteous, but after I stopped being mad, it was still and entertaining idea. I ran with it. I do not feel righteous now, or that I’m on a high horse. I got bad service, I made a video, and it was fun. The part I can’t get over is that any other company but apple the comments would be very different. If my laptop had been a sony or an hp, I would not be getting personal attacks over this video. It wasn’t, it was an Apple, and so everyone is assuming I actually spilled on the laptop, yet I did not. I am kinda at a loss for how to prove it besides taking some pictures, which I might still do just for my own piece of mind. This issue was closed to me after the video was made, and I only submitted it to consumerist after I showed the link to a friend who really likes this site. I don’t expect apple to give me another laptop, and I don’t expect to spend any of my money on another apple product. Apple had their chance to prove how great they were to me, and they blew it. That doesn’t change the fact that I loved that OS and hope someday they will allow it to be installed on other hardware… That would be the only exception I would make for an apple product at this point.

  45. mattcoats says:

    it effects your mana

  46. dulakian says:

    @mattcoats: I thought only int affected the amount of mana you have? I gotta read up on game mechanics again…

  47. jeffislouie says:

    My opinion?
    Your problem if you don’t like it.
    I always give people a second chance.
    You just don’t know when people are involved what is going through their head.
    Here’s an example:
    My GF and I have a favorite takeout joint that has the best buffalo chicken wrap in town. We order this thing around once a week and have done so for the last six months or so (when the place opened up). It is always delicious.
    A few weeks back, we both ordered the BCW and found it inedibly over spicy. Having worked in the restaurant biz for 10 years, I chalked it up to a new cook or a simple error.
    Then last week, we both ordered it again. Again, it was ridiculously hot. I called in and told the manager, making sure to say that I wasn’t looking for anything but that the wrap was insane and inedible. He told me to ask for him next time we ordered and he’d take care of me. I politely refused and thanked him. the other day I ordered a half slab of ribs and the GF ordered he BCW. Her wrap was perfect again, but my order was screwed up. They gave me a full slab. When I called in, the same manager called and told me that he appreciated me calling the first time. It turns out, the cooks were running out of Franks red hot (the primary ingredient in their buffalo sauce) and had been substituting the way more expensive and way more spicy tabasco sauce (they were actually shaking the little bottles to make up the gallon or so of wing sauce they needed – crazy). He ran a report and noticed that the sales of the BCW had slipped by almost 90% in the last three weeks. My calling in saved them money and helped change the product back to what they wanted.
    Contrast that with the last time I ordered from what used to be my favorite pizza shop. As usual (I had ordered a pie a week for 3 years+ from them this way), I asked them to pie cut my za. The girl on the phone told me that they couldn’t guarantee that it would be pie cut. I asked her if she could guarantee that I would get a pizza. She responded by yelling at me that I just don’t know what its like to work in a kitchen. I informed her that I had run $3 million dollars a year restaurants in the past and she could just cancel my order – there were plenty of other pizza places that would just say “ok” then pie cut my pizza. She told me that I was ridiculous and that the owners would side with her. So I wrote them a letter. They aplogized, but in their apology letter, they told me that they just couldn’t guarantee pie cut.
    Had they just said “sorry about that. We’ll talk to the manager and make sure they treat our customers better.” I would have continued to buy from them.
    So I always say give them a chance.
    Sometimes you win, and sometimes you just have to find another pizza place.
    Stay tuned for my youtube video of me smashing their pizza.

  48. jeffislouie says:

    You might be right.
    Apple fanboys are kinda relentless.
    I hope you enjoy your new system.
    Make sure to buy an ADP warranty!

  49. mach1andy says:

    These comments are interesting– with Dulakian being the guy who made the video responding to user’s reactions and comments. Now picture this, some company X (lets just say D*ll, makes an error, the Consumerist posts it, people comment on it and then, this part would be revolutionary: D*ll responds to the comments just like Dulakian is defending his position. Sure it would be risky and a possible PR disaster if not handled well, but if it was handled well, it would accomplish what the Consumerist’s motto is: To help get resolution to a problem that both parties can agree to.

    A few weeks ago, a girl felt scammed when she felt she paid extra to a moving company (something about the weights) and the woman from the company responded, helped the girl get what she wanted and ‘saved face’.

    If the Consumerist community were accepting of this being the main objective (I have a feeling that all of us, including me, likes to see big companies get made fun of and rallied around) but if the resolve was the main objective, everyone would win.

    My 2 cents…

  50. dulakian says:

    @jeffislouie: You compare a $3 item with my $1700 item. Spending that kind of cash I am not giving anyone any second chances. They can either satisfy me, or lose my business. On a $3 item I might be inclined to give them a second chance, since it’s not much lost if I’m unsatisfied again. What is your deal with crappy analogies?

  51. mikegriffin says:

    I though only Dell was that bad on service. If Apple is so damn cool why can’t they design a computer with a waterproof keyboard? BAH!!

  52. mathew says:

    When I had trouble with a Nikon product, I went up the management chain until I got the issue resolved. It took me months, but I eventually got my money back. When I had problems with a bank, I went to the Attorney General’s office with my complaint and got the issue resolved. Again, it took months, but I got it sorted.

    Whereas when this guy had an initial refusal to service his Mac under warranty, he threw a fit and smashed it with a hammer. My issue with the whole thing is: What did that achieve?

    It’s obvious from this thread that it didn’t convince anyone of the legitimacy of the complaint who wasn’t already rabidly anti-Apple. Hence, it won’t get Apple to replace the MacBook.

    The acting out did, however, reduce the value of the hardware to below zero. Even a busted MacBook could have been sold on eBay to a second hand Mac dealer for repair, or disassembled and sold as spares. Whereas if he’s a responsible person, he’ll now have to pay to have the electronics waste recycled.

    The final irony is that once he has finished enjoying the results of his YouTube attention-whoring, he’ll go buy a PC from a company that will in all probability treat him worse than Apple–since (as already mentioned) Apple has the best customer satisfaction in the industry.

    I guess he really showed them, huh?

  53. Terminixsux says:

    Apple fans, sometimes you can really be a bunch of iHoles!!

  54. Xerloq says:

    Is not…
    Is so…
    Is not!
    Is SO!
    IS NOT, NOT, NOT!!

    This is hilarious.

    I own 5 PCs running various flavors of the ‘Doez and *Nixes; I’d never buy an iPod, Apple is evil, blah, blah… But here’s how I’d do it:

    Mac Guy: My Mac is broken!
    Apple: Let’s get it fixed
    M: Great
    A: Ooo. This has spill damage.
    M: I didn’t spill anything on it.
    A: Doesn’t matter, $700 please!
    M: I didn’t spill ANYTHING on it.
    A: Then go buy another laptop.
    M: Can I have pictures of the spill damage?
    A: Sure!
    M: That looks like heat damage.
    A: It’s spill damage.
    M: Can you fix it under waranty anyway?
    A: WE’RE EVIL. NO!
    M: Can you give me a break? Meet me half way? Talk to your manager? Something? (Bats eyelashes, hikes up skirt…) Pretty please? I’ll be a happy brainwashed customer.
    A: Mmmmm, OK!

    Just be nice, be calm. If you follow the one strike law, soon you’ll have no one to do business with.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to get back to my iTunes…

  55. dulakian says:

    @mathew: I took the spare parts that were working, sold them and bought a new PC based laptop already. It was fun, I apologize to nobody. Your ability to continually take bad service from a company and put valuable time into resolving the issue wasted as much if not more than the few parts I had left that I destroyed. I got attention, entertainment, and a new laptop. What did you get?

  56. mac-phisto says:

    @mermaidshoes: to be honest, if i get the shaft; i give the shaft. what makes me go back to a company that screwed me over? usually lack of options.

    anecdotal evidence: 5 years ago, i walked into an outback steakhouse & ordered a rack of ribs. they were awesome. that is, until i got closer to the center & noticed they were a little lukewarm. still nibbling, i finally got it in one unpleasant chomp – unmistakeably raw ribs. that is the last time i stepped into any outback steakhouse (hell, i even punished the dish – i haven’t had ribs since & i L*O*V*E ribs). now the way i figure it, a new craptastic theme restaurant opens virtually every hour, which means that i can go w/o eating at an outback indefinitely.

    conversely, i ran into a conundrum a few years ago b/c i had received poor service at all three supermarkets in town to a varying degree. for a few months there, i simply refused to shop. unfortunately, that’s simply not sustainable, so i eventually ended up back at all three of them. if i had a choice, i wouldn’t shop at any of them, but my choices are limited, so i must suffer the piss poor customer service praying for the day that wegman’s decides to branch into connecticut.

  57. dulakian says:

    @Xerloq: I find it funny that so many people seem to advocate these second chances. People are conditioned to take bad service and fight for good service. I get good service or I take my business elsewhere. It’s perfectly logical to me, if I spend too many hours trying to get service I was promised, I lose more money than if I just buy another product. My time is valuable, and any company that refuses to realize that doesn’t deserve my money. I will not apologize for taking my business elsewhere, they had a chance to fix things, they decided that the short term gain of denying the claim was worth more than the long term gain of my repeat business. It’s that simple.

  58. Raze50 says:

    @Dulakian: I’m curious what kind of system you got after your MacBook. And I totally understand the allure of Apple, and the allure of breaking s**t. But don’t you think you got a might hot under the collar when you posted a sophomoric smash video (let’s be serious here) and then people said you were sophomoric?

    Also, you said there were brown spots that won’t wipe off on some of the remaining bits…besides them being all smashed and stuff, are the spots sticky, too? Could you describe them to us?

    Also, please don’t flame me.

    @mermaid shoes: You know, if I have an issue with a company or contractor or vendor who bones a project, then I don’t go back to them. So I totally understand boycotting a manufacturer. That’s his right as a consumer. It’s our right as vaporous electronic avatars to make fun of him to our shriveled hearts’ content. What he did was fun, but a waste of some fine sledgehammerin’ skillz. Mike should go help Habitat for Humanity.

  59. trekkie says:


    Just a counter point. I had a Sprint PCS version of the tiny motorloa flip phones in the lates 90s/early 00 time frame. The battery suddenly quit working/holding a charge for more than any amount of time. I’d had it for about six months. I took it in, they looked at it, and watched that when you pulled it from the charger the bars actually ticked away as you looked at it for ten seconds.

    The CSR turned around to hand it through the secret tech window and WITHOUT LOOKING AT IT and HOLDING HIS HAND IN A STOP SIGN he said ‘water damage’

    Now, I know there are a lot of things that can happen out there but I never dropped it in water, I do sweat and it was the summer and I said ‘other than sweat, that thing has never gotten wet’

    The manager came over, popped the battery out, looked at it for a second, and then told the tech guy to come out and please show us both where the damage was. He didn’t, they gave me a new phone.

    This guy’s response was idiotic. You could easily ‘wake up one morning’ and have water damage. I did. I had a cooler on the second floor of my house that someone forgot to check the little drain valve when they filled it, and over night the ice melted. The water pooled under the cooler, found the crack in the floorboards and dripped down.

    Right onto my computer desk. Right onto my Thinkpad T23. display. You could tell the thinkpad lived a while because you could see the progression of the drip until it hit the inverter in the side of the LCD display and fried it.

    Now I was lucky in that I work for IBM, and stuff like that is fixed because as my manager put it ‘shit happens’ I mailed it off, had it back two days later. Was was nice is that it worked hooked to a monitor, it was just the LCD inverter board that toasted.

    That laptop could have been dripped on by something similar, or Apple might have gotten some paperwork crossed, we’ll never know because he took ‘no’ for an answer. Judging by his response I’m pretty sure the phone conversation wasn’t a calm one if someone told him he could take his money for the repair to another vendor.

  60. macisdumb says:

    Wow the intelligence of my handle is in question. Jeesh I guess I should go back to school and become learned enough to come up with something better. I know…I will choose Johnny. Oh wait, that one was already taken.

    I shall try again when it really matters.

  61. jeffislouie says:

    I don’t know what the hell you are talking about.
    What $3 item?
    What are you talking about?

  62. Raze50 says:

    @Dulakian: I don’t understand your basic argument. You say apple gave you bad service, didn’t give you want you signed up for, but you also admit that you never read the warranty or bothered to find out what
    AppleCare covered. You weren’t promised coverage for spill warranty. They promised to look at your computer should you have a problem, and repair it at no charge if it fell under warranty. To their trained eyes, it looked like liquid. To your trained eyes, it looked like marks from heat. Why didn’t you take it to a third party care center? I live in a small city on the great plains and there are at least three businesses that work on apples in town. why didn’t you get a second opinion? Because it would interrupt your beer drinkin’ time and prevent you from smashing the s**t outta your broken laptop?

    Also, your new machine is not a PC-based laptop. PC is not a f**king Operating System. It’s an initialism for Personal Computer.

    I redact my request to not get flamed. You’re no longer worth the effort…where’s me sledgie?

  63. enm4r says:

    I loved the video. And someone previously mentioned cars…yes, I have smashed up a car. It was a friend’s old Pontiac, and instead of paying almost a grand to fix some engine coolant problem, we decided to destroy it in every way possible. It was a ton of fun, and we decided to do it over a few beers. If the guy had fun smashing it up, so be it. He already made up his mind that he wasn’t going to support Apple, the after effects are meaningless.

    Honestly, I am kind of surprised at the personal attacks as well. After freely admitting it was for fun, he’d already vowed to stay away from Macs. Ironically I am typing this from a Macbook Pro, and even I am annoyed by the fanboyish response.

  64. dulakian says:

    @Raze50: I’m trying hard not to flame people that don’t flame me first. I got a lot of personal attacks over this simple issue of bad service.

    The brown spots are not sticky and won’t wipe off, they look like the mainboard got cooked around the cpu, they are not uniform in size or shape, and I tried to wipe them off with some rubbing alchohol to see if it was some sort of spill residue. They do not rub off, it just looks crispy to me. The mainboard is cracked but not broken into tiny pieces. The brown stains surround the cpu, and they have a flare type pattern that makes me think of heat distribution. The are around the edges of the copper heat pipe which is on top of the cpu, flaring off the corners a little bit. The macbook seemed to be running hotter to me than normal when I put it on my legs, but the temp sensor widget I had still showed the normal 60-65C it had always run at. I checked the widget everytime I put it on my lap to be sure it wasn’t running hot enough to burn me. I had read about heat issues so I wanted to be sure it wasn’t overheating.

    I powered down the laptop on my desk, near my bed one night, then woke up the next morning and it wouldn’t boot. Nobody was sleeping with me that night, I was alone. The laptop worked flawlessly the entire time I had it, no issues at all right up until that morning.

  65. dulakian says:

    @Raze50: Yeah argue semantics. PC vs Apple. Please keep the semantics arguments to yourself, I used common vernacular to describe the difference in architecture, not the OS. Thanks for pointing out my horrible mistake.

  66. dulakian says:

    @jeffislouie: You made a crappy analogy to your buffalo wing wrap and the pizza in another comment. It was a bad analogy. Again.

  67. Chaosium says:


    “@jeffislouie: While you seem to think getting a second chance is someone’s right, it is not. I agree that I shouldn’t have assumed the warranty was all-inclusive, but since I did nothing to the laptop to cause it to fail, I never needed to clarify that for myself. Only after they said there was spill damage did I go back and read the contract and realize it was not all-inclusive. My argument has been and always will be that I didn’t spill anything on the laptop. There is no simpler argument than that.”

    Did you ask for pictures? Did you ask for evidence of this? Just as they do not take you at your word, there is no legit reason for you to question their diagnosis. You have every right to move up the chain instead of tucking tail and sledgehammering your system.

  68. dulakian says:

    @Chaosium: I was stonewalled. The “spill damage is a fact” kinda made me feel like I was just gonna get that over and over, on top of the fact that I give a company 1 chance. I wasted almost no time chasing some “maybe” and got down to brass tacks replacing my laptop and amusing myself.

  69. moresticks says:

    I personally have never had a problem with service at Apple. They’ve always been kind and courteous. When my iMac broke, they replaced it for free. When my iPod broke they replaced it for free. You can’t satisfy 100% of customers 100% of the time. That’s just the way business goes. Dulakian had an unsatisfactory experience and he chose to deal with it in his own, unique way and he now chooses to take his business elsewhere. That is his right and I don’t see the problem with that.

  70. yosarian says:

    Hmmm, I think it’s out of warranty now.

  71. jeffislouie says:

    Alright, spaz.
    now is when you go back and check the post and realize that I was responding to mermaidshoes who asked:
    “do companies “deserve” forgiveness? what (if anything) could bring you back to a company that messed up, if they didn’t apologize for / fix the situation to your satisfaction?”
    no reason to flip out over nothing.
    and an analogy is :An analogy is a comparison between two different things, in order to highlight some form of similarity.
    so if I compare a buffalo wrap to your apple, it can be considered a fair analogy after all – that’s a great example of comparing two different things to highlight a similarity.

  72. mac-phisto says:

    @dulakian: understandable. you’ve already stated that this is your first time on consumerist. allow me to bring you up to speed a bit here: 1) consumerists pride themselves on sledgehammering a company – not end-product – into submission. stick around awhile & you’ll discover how (if you’re interested). 2) there also seems to be an overwhelmingly large number of people that religiously herald a particular OS here (think slashdot, but trendier). that said, smashing the particular product you chose to smash could be loosely compared to fornicating on an altar.

    regardless, there’s a wealth of great info & if you weed thru the various biases, there’s often a lot of peer help that can save you time & $$$.

    & just in case someone asks you what beer you were drinking, please, please, please don’t make the mistake of saying miller lite or bud (it seems newcastle is a safe answer as long as you’re not actually in newcastle).

  73. gruffydd says:

    A “Xanax laced mocha latte’s from Starbucks” sounds reeeallly good!

  74. faust1200 says:

    For the love of God someone lock this thread.

  75. bklynrickel says:


  76. amyjay says:

    One email to and you get right to the top of customer not (not Jobs, himself, naturally). In most cases, if you tell them your story and give them some proof to the claim, they’ll bend over backwards to help you. Especially now with YouTube and blogs where one bad customer experience can spread like wildfire. Getting all smashy smashy after only giving it one shot just makes it look like you threw away a grand without much of a fight. When I invest in a computer, even if it fails, I want to try my hardest to keep it as long as possible.

  77. bklynrickel says:

    @bklynrickel: guess that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

    funny way to try to make applesauce.

    i should probably stop now :)

  78. jennatar says:

    Like most here, I wouldn’t have made the video.

    A few things went through my head when I watched it. For one, when my beloved MacBook went missing, I couldn’t just go out and “pick up” another one. I don’t have that kind of financial luxury; I was looking at ten months of saving a third of every paycheck, or something like that. Seeing someone smash the hell out of a gorgeous laptop like that was heartbreaking. I think that accounts for some of the negativity in here. Even those of us in the tech sector are, you know, pretty poor.

    The other thing that occurred to me was, did Michael try hard enough, or for long enough, to get his laptop fixed? And then I realized that a near-lifetime of terrible customer service has conditioned me to try, try, call back until I find a sympathetic ear, try, try, plead, beg, weep. The reason I feel like Michael didn’t wait enough, or try enough, is because I’ve been tricked into thinking that’s how customer service really works. I don’t know.

  79. Trick says:

    What a shame this loser had to sneak out of the basement in the middle of the night while his parent slept to smash up the computer grandma bought for him…

    No doubt the next morning when he was crying in his bowl of CoCo Puffs, mommy told Jr. to dry those eyes, they will find the monster that stole his MacBook and then buy him a new one.

  80. ortuno2k says:

    What an idiot.

  81. zippyzrx says:


    I am a manufacturer myself. I own and operate a manufacturing company in the audio business with facilities both here in the USA and in Asia.

    After seeing all of this, i am still left thinking

    #1 why did you not ask for proof of the spill they were declining to cover the notebook under? You didnt, but simply gloss over that fact in your haste to make Apple or i suspect anyone who doesnt do what you say they way you say look bad…although i am uncertain how destroying the item in question demostrates anything other than you know how to smash stuff.

    #2 I own a lot of Apple and a lot of PC hardware from a variety of vendors used throughout our operations. I would not do something so destructive and pointless as this. Yes i do take old monitors and printer and computers that are beyond their usefulness and do occasionally take them out to my shooting range and invite friends over…but i do not do this with an item from a vendor that is in dispute or malfunctioning. Theres a difference there, can you understand that?

    #3 By you immediate over-reaction to a declined warranty repair all you’ve shown is that No manufacturer would want you to have their gear. I mean really if Apple supplied you proof that it was spillage damage would that then convince you that the problem was not covered or is this a case where unless you get it fixed or replaced no questions asked then Apple was wrong.

    #4 You respond that Applefan boys are personally attacking you because they didnt take your side. Well I like Apple, I also like HP and Asus and several others. They all build good stuff in my opinion (although lately HP has been slipping). So im not your typical fanboy…im an owner of a good size company (1100+ employees) and i look at what tools will solve my problems. All you have shown me in both your video and in your responses is that you have NO CLUE as to how business is conducted. I promise you i could have resolved this problem without a single hammer blow. Heck any reasonable person could have. SO i do not accept you “OH THE FAN BOYS ARE ATTACKING ME” and “OH POOR ME APPLE SHAFTED ME”. No sir…you are to blame here….not becuase you did or did not spill anything on it…but because you acted like a RETARDED LITTLE KID. This might be as simple a s clerical errors on serial #’s. Man wouldnt that be a hoot…you get a letter stating that due to clerical error you computer should have been fixed free of charge….Ive seen such happen, you know mistakes get made…mainly becuase humans are made…but now with what youve done there is no chance to work it out. I dont care what your running…you will always be an idiot to the world for your childish tantrum.

  82. zippyzrx says:

    The point is by doing what you did…you have no other action. At the first hint that they had a problem covering it under warranty you flipped out. See my other post…Please never BUY ANYTHING I MAKE. If we build a bad unit, we will fix it or replace it. We do not tolerate IDIOTS like you though. You sir are an Idiot. This is not a flame as your own video and story and then posts confirm this fact. You sir are an IDIOT.

  83. zippyzrx says:

    I also have no problems with people smashing equipment for fun and entertainment. I kicked in on the G4 explode an Apple online gig.

    But this was not entertainment as you try so hard to justify…this was you being a stupid crybaby.

    Yeah…im callin you names and flamin you….hey you act like it…and somebody will come along and call you on it.

    BTW…i have had several macs repaired without incident. I have also had one repaired that was underwarranty but i damaged it.

    Let me know when your mature enough to be an adult…then you understand how you could have handled this better.

    What a Tard!

  84. Xerloq says:


    Hell yes, you give them a second chance!

    I bought nice digital camera. I personally carried it a case on my lap so it would be protected from the crusing of luggage in the overhead bins. Lo and behold, I get off the plane and the LCD is cracked! I’d had the camera 3 DAYS and it broke on its own.

    I called their customer service department, explained what happened and eventually one of the techies said they’d had problems with the LCDs breaking when the pressure changes. Sounded strange to me, I mean I live at 5000+ feet and flew to sea level, but that’s not that much pressure change. Still I took his word that they’d fix it – at no charge – under warranty. So I send it in.

    A week later, I get a call. They wanted to charge $350 to fix my camera. I referenced the tech support call. No dice. The repair center said “You sat on the camera and that’s a fact!” the guy even called me a liar to my face (Well, to my ear, but he said it directly to me).

    I called back into tech support, they verify my warranty repair and said they’d make it right. Next day, same thing. Quoth the repair center “Your camera will be fixed, NEVERMORE!”

    In the end Tech Support took the repair center’s side. So I called up the chain, spoke to a manager CALMLY and POLITELY and we agreed that they would repair the camera for labor costs only (about $50).

    Lesson: I ended up spending $550 ($500 original + $50 repair) total on my digital camera instead of $850 or $1000 (cost of original plus the cost of another comparable brand) simply by being courteous and polite – even with every right to be angry (after all, I’m a camera-squashing liar).

    Sure I could have shoved an M80 inside it and blown it up, run over it with a steamroller, or launched it into a bonfire from a trebuchet. With a little courtsey and finess I still have a camera. A sledgehammer sent your ‘applesauce’ to the landfill, and Apple STILL has your money.

    I’d laugh all the way to the bank. No wonder Heir Jobs is so happy.

    *Posted with Safari for Windows*

  85. jeffislouie says:


  86. trancelgic says:

    Michael should pick up what’s left of that machine and take a little peekie-poo and see if there is in fact ‘spill damage’. And when he finds it, he should lick it to see if it’s water, soda, or cat piss.

    I really hope Apple doesn’t ship him a new machine because of this. Steve Jobs should give him a call and tell Michael he’s still a virgin, and that he’s wasting Steve’s time.

    Hopefully someone will capture this moment on tape.

    What a stupid ass. Especially when the normal thing to do is put it up on Ebay and play dumb when the guy who buys is says it doesn’t work.

    Isn’t that what Ebay’s REALLY for?

  87. MobilePope says:

    The consumer group ratings putting Apple as number one in customer service have always mystified me.

    I’ve been a Mac user since 1995. I worked for Apple (in a technical role, not in the store) and two Apple Authorized Resellers. I’m about as much of a Mac fanboy there is but, you know what? Their customer service is a joke.

    As part of my job besides Apple, I also have had to deal with Dell and IBM. Whenever something went wrong with a Dell or IBM machine, I would call secure in the knowledge that they would fix my problem. A call to Apple is a god damn crap shoot.

    At least half of the times I’ve had a Apple hardware in need of repair they tried to find a reason to void the warranty. Now, I’m careful with my hardware, I have a four year old 17″ PowerBook that looks brand new. That machine had exactly the same problem three times (damage to the display cable causing the LCD to flake out). All three times they claimed customer abuse. Twice they said I dropped it but there was not even a scratch on the exterior (and no I didn’t drop it). The third time they just called it “customer abuse” and didn’t even try to explain.

    And that’s just one machine. I own five macs and my business has at least thirty. I’ve been through this many times.

    Dell and IBM repairs… a couple days at most. Apple repairs, 50% of the time it’s amazing, you ship it in and have it back in a day or two. The other half is months of arguing and escalating. Apple actively looks for reasons to deny warranty coverage and if the reasons are not there, it seems they sometimes improvise.

    I honestly don’t think there’s another computer company openly this hostile towards their own customers.

  88. Scazza says:

    Another solution is simple. Alot of companies (apple included) test for spill damage by checking out tiny strips of paper on the battery, and under the keyboard. Take your Macbook to a “genius” at an apple store, ask them to physically open it (as doing so will get u in heat with apple I suppose) and get THEM to show you the colour changing paper, and compare to another macbook to see if its changed.

  89. Televiper says:


    “I actually think the problem was thermal in nature, since the laptop was getting to very high temps in the week or so leading up to it dying completely. The mainboard looks a little toasty to me, showing brown spots that look like burns, around the cpu. It does not look like spill residue to me, since it won’t wipe off at all. I have the parts in a bag here and I have inspected the mainboard and the cdrom drive for residue from a spill and I’m unable to see anything beyond the brown spots around the cpu.”

    From my experience the brown marks you’re seeing are most likely corrosion. I’ve burned burned printed circuit boards and tends to take more heat and power than a notebook (I work in power electronics) can muster. 99% alcohol should have no trouble cleaning off any corrosion.

    It’s great that you got to smash your Mac. But, to me your video demonstrates someone who handle the situation poorly. Did you at least ask them to explain why they felt you had water damage?

  90. The Walking Eye says:

    @dulakian: Allow me to catch you up to the Consumerist comments. Just do a chargeback. Problem solved. Oh, and make sure you have a credit union, cause you wouldn’t have gotten bad service if you had one.

    I’m amazed (well not really) at how quick things went personal. Is is even funny or cool to point out the dorkiness of someone’s video on the internet?

  91. lizzybee says:

    @mermaidshoes: I think one chance is perfectly reasonable depending on the circumstances. If my first experience with a company is horrible, I’m never going to give them another chance. They had an opportunity to make me happy, or at least not-dissatisfied, and they failed. On the other hand, if I’ve been a customer for years, and have been very happy, one bad experience probably won’t make me stop doing business with them, and they will have a second chance. But if they fail a second time, I’ll never give them money again.

    I can understand dulakian’s frustration with Apple– the company didn’t make his first experience pleasant, so he’s ditching them for good. I can’t see a problem with that, personally. And he shared his fun in smashing his laptop, which is also not a problem. Granted, he could have spent some (or a lot of) time to try to get Apple to fix the laptop, but he didn’t want to, which is also his choice. In the end, I got the chance to see a laptop smashed, so he created a few moments of fun for me too ;-)

  92. blancobrawler says:

    I would be more inclined to believe your story if it was consistent. In a response here you say

    one of the main reasons I bought the macbook was a story a friend of mine told me. He had an older titanium powerbook with applecare. He spilled an entire Dr. Pepper on it, and they gave him a refurbished unit 1 month before his extended warranty was up. I was impressed by this story…”

    Previously on your blog you stated

    To add insult to injury, a friend of mine who I was telling about this let me in on his story. He had a G4 tibook that he spilled and entire Dr. Pepper on. Apple happily replaced his entire laptop without even a question. How does that work?”

    I bolded the discrepancy that tells me you are willing to fudge the truth for dramatic purposes. Is there any other reason you would bend a narrative? Like perhaps $700 other reasons?

  93. Televiper says:


    “I can understand dulakian’s frustration with Apple– the company didn’t make his first experience pleasant, so he’s ditching them for good.”

    The thing is he professes that he had an excellent experience with his MAC until they wouldn’t fix it for free. It sounds like he had not trouble with it for more than a year and called it the best computer he ever owned. It really sounds like his only reaction to “we can’t fix it for free you have water damage” was “I didn’t spill anything, I didn’t spill anything let me talk to your manager, I didn’t spill anything I could spend my money else where” and then a tantrum.

    The first question I would have asked was: “Why do you think there’s water damage?” and “Is it possible that there is different problem, could I have it looked at a second time?”

  94. dulakian says:

    @The Walking Eye: I paid cash for the macbook. In hindsight that was a really bad idea, since I would have it covered by my visa’s warranty, or the ability to do a chargeback. I will never again make that mistake.

    I agree about the personal attacks, I couldn’t believe how many there were, here and on digg as well. It seems apple fans really dislike anyone saying anything bad about apple, and go for the throat whenever that happens. Ah well.

  95. lawstud says:

    the guy is lying, I’ve taken classes to detect liars and he is exhibiting the body language of a liar.

    He spilled on it, or at least knows what happened. This fiction about discovering it suddenly not working is bullshit. There are too many micro facial gestures that suggest he is a liar.

  96. jaxvon says:

    As a former AppleCare tech, I can say that I agree with most of the comments I have read thus far. The moron spilled something on his computer or someone else did and didn’t tell him about it. Customers would deny up the walls that they spilled anything on their computer until you brought them over and showed them the hard evidence. I remember one professor that suddenly remembered that he spilled red wine on his laptop. The fact is, Apple was in the right here. They have a very clear policy that their warranty does not cover spill damage. He spilled something on his laptop and it fried. And for anyone who has ever worked as a computer tech, liquid spills are very easy to recognize, even pure water. So for him to claim nothing happened is just too far fetched for me. Oh well. He can enjoy his To-Cheap-A lappy.

  97. cheviot says:

    The worst part is, if he hadn’t smashed the laptop, he could probably have had it repaired (or on its way back to be repaired) by now.

    Okay… Apple said it was damaged by a liquid spill and you get it back. Now you call 1-800-APL-CARE and say you need to speak to Customer Satisfaction.

    Explain the situation. Explain that you just want to send the unit back in for another tech to look at it. If there’s no liquid spill/water damage you’re in the money.

  98. MichaelMi says:

    Everyone who has mentioned the indicator that changes colo(u)r if moisture has been present is correct BUT… I work for a cell phone provider in Canada and our technicians are always having this issue with our customers. The reality is that, particularily in winter or extreme temperatures, moving from a cold to a warm environment can cause condensation inside the device that can change the colo(u)r on the sensor and potentially create enough moisture to damage the electronics. Built-in problem.

  99. @Falconfire: So would you take your Sledgehammer to a laptop if you spilled something on it? No, you’d salvage parts from it AND THEN take the sledgehammer to it.

  100. mik3 says:

    I seriously doubt this tool is a “systems engineer” unless he has some useless certificate from Microsoft that says he is. Obviously he has no patience or rational thinking when it comes to dealing with customer service and from what I saw in the video he seriously needs profesional help and possibly medication.
    I’ve been a network manager for 10+ years and switched to Mac’s from Windows 3 years ago BECAUSE of their superior customer service.
    Point – 2 years ago I bought a dual 1.8ghz G5 Power Mac on ebay that was still under warranty, all 8 fans would continually run at full sounding like a jet engine. I took it to the local Apple store who kept it for 5 weeks replacing every component and still could not fix it. They gave up and told me to come down and pick up a new dual 2ghz G5 with twice the RAM, HD and video at no charge, because of that experience I will be an Apple customer for a very long time.

  101. instead of smashing the laptop, then salvaging the parts, why not strip the laptop of all parts, the smash the shell? I guess I’m confused.

    I’ve had decent service from apple, but I’ve also had decent service from Dell small business group. I’m equally happy with both.

    But I do find the statement “I give companies one chance” to be almost dogmatic in nature. I am sure if you go back to your clients, there will be one who had issues with you, but opted to give you a second chance.

  102. hermes369 says:

    I had a client with a sick iMac (video went to hell). I called Apple, and they directed me to compusa. After a week at ChumpUSA and being told all kinds of different stories, I called Apple back. They told me to go get the machine. The next day after I brought it back, a tech came to my client’s office and swapped out the motherboard. Me = happy, client = happy.
    Anyone else wishing harm to their MBP or any other unhappy Mac, please consider burning it in effigy and sending the computer to me.

  103. firefruze says:

    all I keep thinking with this video, is that in the end he’s going to shout ” Smash my macbook .com!!” :P

  104. spinachdip says:

    @dulakian: I don’t get why you’re so defensive. Sure, people mocked you, but they’re hardly anything to take personally – you did something stupid, at least in the eyes of Consumerist-trained viewers, and your actions were mocked.

    If anything, you’re the one making ad hominem attacks on people who call you out on your stupid stunt and labeling them fanboys.

    For whatever it’s worth, Apple has received awards for its customer service – that is a fact. And from my personal experience, Apple has gone above and beyond to satisfy me -that’s also a fact. It’s not like I imagined receiving great service because I happen to be loyal to the brand. Rather, I’m loyal to the brand because I’ve received good service.

  105. swalve says:

    See, the problem here is that Apple has lost NOTHING. You already paid for the product.

    With that product, you got a warranty as part of the price you paid. If you truly didn’t do anything to damage the laptop, then you weren’t merely not satisfied, you were ripped off. That isn’t an issue of satisfaction, that’s an issue of them not doing their duty to you under the terms of your contract.

    Three possible scenarios:

    1) Apple sucks and you didn’t get what you paid for, and you dropped the ball by not trying to get them to make good on their contract with you.
    2) You DID damage the laptop and are doing this video as a goof. (Or some variant thereof.)
    3) You’re an unreasonable, arrogant prick who is masking your childishness with feigned lack of satisfaction.

  106. crazylady says:

    What is sort of making me sad/frustrated is that it seems dulakian did this after the first time he dealt with applecare where he was told it was water damage.

    Not only are there a gazillion already mentioned ways to deal with the situation that could have been tried and may have resulted in a free repair regardless of if it was actual water damage…but also if he has that little patience with devices that break, I’m sure $1700 is a drop in the bucket :

    for what it’s worth, I used to have an iBook and there was one time where the iBook stopped working and I called AppleCare, they sent a box, but the iBook started working again before I sent it off for repair. Just out of the blue, after being unplugged and off for a day or two. And I have plenty of hardware that’s that fickle about working sometimes, the latest to do that is my razr, today.

    As satisfying as destroying my razr a la dulakian may have been, I needed a phone more than the satisfaction of destroying it (until I replace it with an iPhone, duh :P ). I’m sure destroying the MacBook felt good, but I just can’t help but think there would have been a better way to deal with the issue.

  107. Trai_Dep says:

    TO the person that made the cell phone comparison – I don’t think it fits. I’ve had Verizon refuse to fix my phone b/c of “water damage” when I never dropped it. Probably what happened is that when I wore my phone at a club, dancing, etc, moisture from the humid environment got in and tripped the moisture strip.

    The thing is, they ADVERTISE the phones as being wearable. They DESIGN the things as being wearable. I can understand if I got the thing wet, but not either designing it better, or fixing phones that go wonky in humid environments is MUCH different than dropping it in the toilet or, say, spilling coffee on your laptop.

  108. Avarus says:

    It’s no wonder you are getting so many negative comments. Really, just because you know you didn’t spill anything on the portable doesn’t mean that nothing was spilled on it. Unless you have your computer sealed and under 24 hour surveillance you don’t really know what happened to your computer.

    Secondly, Apple doesn’t care about losing 700 dollars to fix a computer, they will gladly do it as long as you, or someone else hasn’t done anything to the computer. They aren’t going to lie about spill damage in a computer because it’s really not going to benefit them that much, especially considering how jacked up on customer service they are. If you took time to talk to a genius, or someone who works for Apple, you would find that Customer Service is considered priority.

    If you had asked for it, they would have an engineer physically examine the computer to determine whether that was heat damage or spill damage. Not that it’s really necessary, since they have ways of checking for spill damage and know it when they see it since they are trained professionals that do nothing other than repair computers day in and day out.

    You further damage yourself by only giving them one chance, which is childish and a bit naive. There is no such thing as a company that will always meet your demands, because 9 times out of 10 what you want isn’t feasible. If you think you’re going to find a company like that, you’re dreaming and might as well live in a cave.

    I also see a lot of people who believe that only Apple fans would perceive this as an injustice to Apple, but the truth is any competent service tech would read your blog and laugh.

    Sorry, but smashing a portable computer over spill damage doesn’t really make any of us see you as anything but childish.

  109. design_chick says:

    This is sort of related, but not exactly…. I own an Appple G4 desktop with a nice Apple monitor. About 3 years ago, one of the lights in my monitor went out or something so the whole top of the monitor went dim and the power button constantly flashed in it’s little distress mode. Anyway, i brought it into the Apple store to be looked at and they took it in to see what needed to be done. They told me that it would cost over $500 to be repaired. I decided to take it home with me to see if I wanted to purchase a new monitor of another brand or have them fix it… Now I get home and the monitor works and has been working ever since . So I guess when they opened it up they knocked something back into place inadvertently…. I don’t know if they were trying to rip me off or whatever, but clearly something shady was going on there.

  110. Raze50 says:

    @dulakian: It isn’t really about being an Apple fanboi or not. I’m a dual user and I recognize the falws in both OSes. I’m sure many of the “personal attacks” come from the Cult of Mac, but many more of them are relating to the totally spastic way you reacted. Theta’s what got my goat.

    Remember, most of the people commenting here are avid Consumerist readers. Everyday we come to this site and read stories of people who go the extra step (elevate) and wind up with good Customer Service experiences. Or they try to elevate the issue, and end up with sucky experiences. This information helps us all.

    The issue I have with your “video statement,” and with what you’ve told us here, is not that you smashed a MacBook, but that you didn’t really try to have it fixed. You spent more than a $1000 to smash some plastic with a sledgehammer. It was a waste. People who are reacting to you are probably among the more thrifty (read: miserly) of the bunch. I’m cheap as dirt, and so I’m bothered that you smashed expensive equipment based on what someone told you over the phone. Just didn’t seem to doggone smart to me.

  111. Syth says:

    That’s funny. If I were him, I would pack up the smashed notebook and mail it to Apple. No note, no explanation, nothing. They open up the box and there’s a MacBook all smashed to pieces.

  112. dulakian says:

    I’m going to post this final comment in response to the overwhelming negative feedback. The personal attacks I have gotten here are amusing. I’m retarded, stupid, an idiot, and a liar. Did I cover all the major bases? Those are personal attacks. For such “reasonable” people you stoop to name-calling awfully quick.

    My handling of the situation was uniquely my own. It wasn’t what you would have done, that’s fine. Name-calling got me mad, and I went on the defensive. I did attempt to defend myself at first, because I felt I was being personally attacked, rather than “enlightened.” I have since come to the conclusion that I was right, Apple was wrong, who cares what you think of what I did? I will no longer attempt to defend myself or my video for any reason. It stands on it’s own merit. I will continue to read comments, both here and on digg, but I will no longer reply in a public forum. I have the moral high ground, and I will not be drawn into petty arguing over details or semantics. Thanks to all those that didn’t personally attack me, screw the rest of you.

  113. SEMMEagent says:

    “The moral high ground, in ethical or political parlance, refers to the status of being respected for being in the right and adhering to and upholding a universally recognized standard of justice or goodness.”

    Moral high ground? Dude, there’s a reason you’re being ridiculed on here and on digg and it’s not just comming from angry mac fanboys. You got angry and smashed a laptop with a sledgehammer after being “stonewalled,” which apparently means having one phone call that didn’t go the way you wanted it to. That’s not exactly a rational approach. Somehow, in this instance, I doubt that’s having the moral high ground.

  114. Havok154 says:

    I used to work at an Apple certified tech shop and I had to tell some people some pretty bad news, that would usually cause someone to get fairly mad. Oddly enough, 90% of the Apple customers just said “ok” and never got mad. It’s weird, but it seems like they just can’t get mad at Apple, like they can do no wrong. Honestly, it still boggles my mind how people will put up with poor customer service, as long as it’s with a company they really like.

  115. appleh8tr says:

    I am in 100% agreement with the poster, and had a similar experience with Apple warranty. Apple warranty service is a scam. I asked them to replace a weak battery on a Nano, and they denied repair. They said the unit had mechanical damage, despite the fact it still worked, and had no obvious damage! That was my first and last apple product since my apple //e!

  116. Michael says:

    @spinachdip: Agreed.

    I had a fault iPod Shuffle (1st gen) that I sent back. I had about three replacements that kept breaking down, and Apple always send me a new one.

    Also, my 1st gen iMac had electrical issues, and Apple fixed it no questions asked. Three times. When the replacement computer started to shut down on its own, Apple was kind enough to replace that, too. When that computer started to shut down on its own, Apple gave me a next gen iMac with faster CPU, bigger hard drive, and more RAM.

    I love Apple’s customer service–it’s easily the best in the business. Its just a shame their hardware is so defective…

  117. kalisboss1227 says:

    I understand your frustration, I had the same thing happen to me only with Hewlet Packard. I purchased a computer in January and in June it needed the whole motherboard replaced. I went back and forth with HP for 3 weeks and finally when I sent my unit back in for repairs, the one I got back was more damaged than it was when i sent it to then and the cooling fan wasnt even attached. Then another 2 weeks of arguing back and forth until a case manager called me and tried resolution. I ended up having a tech come to my home and fix the computer. HP gave me an extra year in-home warranty, but I will never spend another dollar on them or their shitty products. Now, the CD drive is making this god awful noise. And rather than argue with them, i will let it stay broken. In January, I plan on buying another computer and making a video similar to this and sending it to HP. Maybe then, they will quit arguing with their customers. Whatever happened to the phrase ” THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT’?

  118. trollprincess says:

    I might be tempted to doubt his side of the story if I hadn’t just gotten the same story in regards to my Compaq laptop. I sent it in while still under warranty because the USB ports were malfunctioning, and when contacted was told that there was spill damage and it would cost seven hundred bucks to fix. I told them to send it back as-is since I could work around that and found when I received it that they had never bothered to reconnect the keyboard, touchpad and speakers to the motherboard, nor was there any visible spill damage in the laptop. (Which I didn’t expect to find, either — I’ve never spilled anything on or near the laptop.) They proceeded to give me a hassle about fixing it due to the warranty expiring in transit on the way back to me and it took bothering them for the entire month of August before I finally got the problem resolved.

    Granted, it’s an entirely different company, but the similarities are close enough where I’m certainly not about to knock that part of the story. On the other hand, I just managed to beat them into submission and get them to fix what they screwed up and give me an extended warranty just by being persistent with phone calls, letters, and filings with the BBB. Why didn’t I think of hacking it to bits with an ax or dumping it into a woodchipper?

  119. trollprincess says:


    Oh, man, weren’t the HP customer service people the worst? They never reattached the keyboard, touchpad, and speakers in my laptop and then proceeded to tell me over and over again that there was nothing they could do because it was out of warranty now, even though it was in warranty when THEY broke it. Buy an HP? Never again, seriously.

  120. gretazreta says:

    I think the reason everyone is so hyped-up about this is that for many, their laptop is a very personal belonging. I use my ibook for work, for study, for writing, for creating artwork, for keeping in touch with my friends. It’s the best computer I’ve ever had and it’s an integral part of my life. I think a lot of Mac Users have this kind of personal relationship with their machines.

    The whole sledgehammer thing… is just distasteful. I was wincing. I understand your anger, but it’s such a destructive and unproductive way to express it. Maybe the frenzy of criticism is related to one thing that Apple does really well – make us CARE about their product. I just see a guy hurting my baby. And, kind of setting fire to a big pile of cash and smoking it, which yeah is cool but in a real stupid kind of way.

  121. mandarin says:

    Are all Mac users this emotional?