Best Of US Airways

Best Airlines For Actually Booking And Using Reward Points
“Fewest Available Seats (avoid these airlines): US Airways”

Which Airline Has The Least Suckiest Website?
“Best Overall? Delta. Worst? US Airways.”

Everyone Loves Southwest Airlines, Hates United And US Airways
“The new Airline Quality Rating is out and Southwest airlines received the fewest complaints of any airline in 2006. United and US Airways both tied for the highest number of complaints.”

The 10 Worst Flights: Avoid These Regularly Scheduled Travel Nightmares
US Airways runs 4 of them.

US Airways CEO to Spend Night In Jail for Drunk Driving
“Doug “Dear Jerry” Parker has been ordered to spend a night in jail following an arrest for drunk driving the night he recalled his hostile bid for bankrupt Delta Airlines.”


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  1. mike1731 says:

    My personal favorite — last week was flying US Air (American West) through Phoenix. A clean cut guy comes up to me, introduces himself as with US Air, asks if I’d like to join their frequent travel program. No cost, figure what the heck. Give him some info, collect a gift, says I’ll get my frequent flyer card in the mail. The next day, looking through some stuff he’d stuck in the free “gift”, learn he’d signed me up for a high interest credit card. I call the bank up (no phone number on any of the paperwork, had to google to find them), the operator says “Oh, we hear that a lot” when I complain about the underhanded way they did the application.

    Anyhow, I’m so pissed off by this situation that I’ll avoid US Air at every opportunity going forward. If they want to be loan sharks, that’s fine, they should get out of the airline business.

  2. uricmu says:

    I’m not sure if the blame for the above practice lies with US Airways or with the company that issues these credit cards. In my experience with “tie-in” credit card solicitors, they are employed by the CC company rather than by the tied organization, which might be getting a financial kickback. For example, when you go to a college football game, the people trying to sign you up to the “team card” have little to do with the team.
    How did he sign you for a card without getting your SSN?

    That being said, I’ve had my share of fun with USAir, it being the monopoly holder here in Pittsburgh, until it switched to other hubs and leaving us with few direct flights. Here are some examples:

    * When online check-in first became available, you could check in for anybody using their last name and flight number without the confirmation number, and then change their seat assignments. You could use that information to get a seat next to your boss’s boss if you’re on the same flight, or just place him near the bathrooms.

    * On a flight from Saint Louis two years ago, they announced that they needed to fit in additional crew going back to the Pittsburgh hub. Even though this was a big plane (at least 40 passengers), they apparently had to take care of weight restrictions. They proceeded to go down the cabin and ask every passenger verbally for their current weight. This is not prior to a flight in a Cessna. This is while you’re sitting in a modern jetliner. Luckily, no extremely obese people were on board or it would have been embarrassing. Of course, this also doesn’t measure any carry on, but they said they’re taking a 20% premium over reported weight.

    * I was flying from Pittsburgh to Boston, and as we were starting to accelerate, the door blew open. The plane was stopped and the copilot and a flight attendant had to reach and try to close it. I always thought that there’s a better protocol to prevent this kind of thing, but maybe nobody follows it.

  3. Arlahna says:

    Everyone Loves Southwest Airlines, Hates United And US Airways

    Actually, I can’t stand Southwest and refuse to fly it. I hate the over crowded planes and dry as paper snacks they give out. Now, maybe that’s a problem with a lot of airlines. I don’t fly very often. I just know that my last experience with them was miserable and I’ll never fly them again.

  4. dantsea says:

    I can’t quite get my brain around how a plane could be “over crowded” (were there people standing in the aisles like a city bus?) and in general I’m more concerned with getting to Point A to Point B on time than the snacks served en route. Southwest usually perform as advertised, but there are plenty of airlines that’ll be happy to charge you more for the same amount of legroom and seat pitch, but nicer snacks, so to each his own.

    Found myself flying from San Francisco to Sydney recently, and dreading the trip because it was on United. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the service in coach. Not the food itself, but the senior flight attendants on the international routes are certainly a cut above the jerks I’ve encountered on United’s domestic service.

  5. chili_dog says:

    I worked for America West for 10 years (Pre-Us Air days) and let me say that the problem is endemic to the managerial style and hiring practices that have propagated at HP since the days of Ed Beauvais (the founder).

    Most front line supervisor positions are/were staffed by apple polishers or those thinking that a minuscule amount of authority was preferable to just being a worker bee. The most competent people didn;t accept these positions for the simple reason you could earn more thru constructive bidding and trading of shifts.

    Beyond that middle managers would hire people barely competent enough to remain employed for the simple reason this person would not threaten their job. And thru the years this practice has taken its’ toll on an airline that actually was a great carrier and a good place to work.

    Something few people realize that the airlines are no longer “good jobs”. Not like when I started. Now, with few exceptions the odds of making more then $25,000/yr is almost impossible without tons of overtime. Positions are constantly being outsourced or realigned to different areas and the opportunity for advancement is low. Kinda sad that when I left, I was making 11.54/hr as a load planner in Phoenix. Ensuring that your plane was loaded and trimmed correctly. Granted planes will pretty much fly even if loaded completely wrong, but it’s still a serious and required operation .

    BTW, it used to be that almost all the AWA IT staff were contractors and recent grads of ITT Tech. I don;t know if thats still the case but suspect it is.

  6. beavis88 says:

    Arlahna, I too hate Southwest, though to be fair, it’s more precisely the Southwest customers that I hate. Few things make a trip by plane more irritating than knowing you’ll either 1) get a middle seat, or 2) have to scramble like a first-grader at snack time to line up sitting on the floor of the departure lounge to have any shot at getting a good seat. Nothing like a good cattle drive right before you fly. Oh, and #2 also assumes that you log in precisely 24 hrs prior to departure to print your boarding pass. Miss that by an hour and it’s Group B for you!