This Walmart Birthday Cake Shows Excellent Craftmanship

The ongoing saga of sub-par food purchased from major big box chain stores, documented with the miracle of photography and emailed to the Consumerist continues:

Hey consumerist just thought I’d let you and every other customer out there know that Wal-mart sucks at making cakes! It was my daughter’s 3rd birthday yesterday (06.17.07) and my wife ordered a cake a week ago to be made for this date. When we picked it up with a little less than an hour until the party started, we were extremely disappointed to say the least. We complained and they gave us 20% off but that wasn’t enough as far as we were concerned. I told customer service “We shouldn’t have to pay more than half for a half-assed cake” (I just couldn’t resist making a pun haha). All they said was “twenty percent is the most we can give you”. We didn’t have time to get another cake and just went ahead and bought it but we will never buy another cake from Wal-Mart again that’s for damn sure. I mean look at at it, it looks hardly anything like the advertisement! That strip with black lines on it, yeah that’s supposed to look like a film strip. Oh and to boot my wife ordered butter cream filling and they put strawberry instead. Is it really that hard to follow directions and deliver a worthy product? Apparently.

Indeed, that cake is pretty weak. They should probably get rid of the picture if they can’t actually make that cake.

Hey, let’s look on the bright side: Happy birthday to Miranda! Yaaay! —MEGHANN MARCO

UPDATE: For added value, our expert play-by-play cake analysis inside.

meghannmarco: It looks like they were missing pieces that were supposed to go on the cake.
meghannmarco: but I don’t really know anything about cakes.
benpopken: yeah those little squiggles are supposed to be streamers
benpopken: Walmart’s looks like dead worms
meghannmarco: and is the child really supposed to guess the black stuff is film
meghannmarco: it looks like teeth
benpopken: I thought it looked like a board game
benpopken: disney version star has nice dots. walmart’s is just a straight splooge line
meghannmarco: this cake is tragic.

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