Pinkberry Yogurt Shop Is Vermin Infested

Oh, great. Here we go again: ABC7 New York has video of several mice running happily around the inside of trendier-than-thou frozen yogurt spot Pinkberry, located on the Upper East Side. The footage is gross, gross enough that it would dissuade us from eating there, but the Pinkberry faithful just didn’t seem to care when ABC7 showed them the footage and asked for comment:

We alerted customers about the mice. But today’s discovery didn’t affect the line that did continue to snake out the door.

“It doesn’t look like it was on the food, just on the floor,” said one of customers. “But it is still gross.”

Eyewitness news heard about the mice from a passerby who saw 6 or 7 of them and called the news station. The cameras arrived with plenty of time to shoot footage of the rodents frolicking around the store.

ABC7 Reports:

We talked to a former manager of Pinkberry, who wanted us to hide his identity, says this problem is much more than a few mice.

“I saw them in broad daylight in Koreatown … a mouse ran right into the store,” said “Jim.”

He showed us photos of mice droppings covering food storage bins at the 82nd Street shop. He says when workers complained to supervisors, they were told to put down traps and clean up.

“They were asked to clean with bleach to cover the mouse area … it was a huge problem and they just couldn’t handle it,” he said.

Pinkberry promises to sanitize their restaurants and have had no health department violations since they opened about 6 months ago. Pinkberry has 3 New York locations and 16 locations in the Los Angeles area.


Mice on the loose in frozen yogurt store [ABC7 New York]
(Photo: ABC7 New York]

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  1. ancientsociety says:

    1 or 2 small mice running around an eating establishment is fairly tame and common. It would only be an issue if they started getting into the food or on prep surfaces.

    This is nowhere near as bad as the swarm of rats frolicking about the NY Taco Bell a few months back.

    What is it about America where everyone thinks restaurants need to be sanitized to the level of a hospital?

  2. amyjay says:

    But you get your choice of toppings…that’s good!

  3. maevro says:

    I read this in today’s NY Post and they interviewed a friend of mine & I have to agree that it probably wouldn’t bother me either.

    I have never had Pinkberry & I read that they had legal issues in California because it is not really yogurt and cannot refer to it as such.

    I have worked in restaurants here in NYC and my brother owns some. If you saw half of the things that went on in the kitchen, even in expensive ones, you would learn not to care either.

  4. joeblevins says:

    I agree with maevro. Some people would just freak.

    Heck, I remember making coleslaw in a huge restaurant in the south. Some new employees freaked when they realized the cabbage was cut first into HUGE garbage cans(but always clean). Straights freak about the least things.

    Couple mice won’t kill ya… Taco bell one was bad though..

  5. timmus says:

    I think it’s a given that if the mice have free reign of the store at night that they are getting on food prep surfaces. Also there’s no certainty that the mice have taken care to locate their nests, urine, and feces 10 meters from all food and work areas.

  6. queen_elvis says:

    I think it is really yogurt, but California state law on the subject defines yogurt very na…. It certainly tastes more like actual yogurt than conventional froyo.

  7. synergy says:

    Can NY stories get their own feed? They seem to occur above and beyond. Wonder why.

  8. startertan says:

    The toppings are covered in mouse droppings…that’s bad.

  9. Shadowman615 says:

    I definitely would recommend staying clear of the chocolate sprinkles.

  10. Wormfather says:

    I’ve always had this theory. All restaurants have their share of problems, I mean come on, it’s food, mice love food.

    My only request is that I never EVER see it. If I never see it, then I can pretend it doesnt exist, once I do, it’s over the facade is ruined, almost like a spouse who know’s they’re being cheated on but doesnt want to know.

    Dont Jerry Springer me eating establishments!

  11. skittlbrau says:

    pinkberry is like crack – of course the line is out the door. you can’t stay away once you’ve had it.

    man, i want pinkberry now.

  12. Dave M says:

    um, where’s the “gross” part? They’re just mice!

    As for food prep surfaces… I would recommend they just wash them in the morning before opening for business…. problem solved.

    The Taco Bell was a bit worse… they had let things get a little too far gone…

    If they were killing them and throwing ’em in the yogurt… now that would be gross.

  13. startertan says:

    My family used to own a small Chinese Carry Out place in this rinky dink shopping mall. We always did our best to keep the place clean. We closed at 10PM and were there till midnight every night cleaning. We never had a rodent problem until the Dunkin’ Donuts next door had a fire and they were renovating or until the video store next store renovated to become a clothing store.

    All the mice came over when they started tearing down walls. After they finished renovating the mice left and went back to the original stores. It’s very possible to keep a place clean/rodent free. It just takes hardwork which is more abundant when you have a stake in the place versus being a minimum wage drone.

  14. Youthier says:

    I didn’t think it was that weird for mice to be in NYC. Of course, my closest experience with the city is watching Muppets in Manhattan so I may not have a realistic perception.

  15. bbbici says:

    Put a hidden camera in the back of most restaurants. There’s likely behaviour from HUMANS that will make you gag.

    You should be more worried about HUMAN excrement, saliva, mucus, and hair. eccchhhh.

  16. slapstick says:

    @startertan: The frogurt is also cursed. :(

  17. Trackback says:

    Since you know LAist is crazy about bacon, how about this burger made of ground bacon? [Serious Eats] In the meat-eating corner: Ted Nugent! In the meat-free corner: Paul McCartney!