Pinkberry Yogurt Shop Is Vermin Infested

Oh, great. Here we go again: ABC7 New York has video of several mice running happily around the inside of trendier-than-thou frozen yogurt spot Pinkberry, located on the Upper East Side. The footage is gross, gross enough that it would dissuade us from eating there, but the Pinkberry faithful just didn’t seem to care when ABC7 showed them the footage and asked for comment:

We alerted customers about the mice. But today’s discovery didn’t affect the line that did continue to snake out the door.

“It doesn’t look like it was on the food, just on the floor,” said one of customers. “But it is still gross.”

Eyewitness news heard about the mice from a passerby who saw 6 or 7 of them and called the news station. The cameras arrived with plenty of time to shoot footage of the rodents frolicking around the store.

ABC7 Reports:

We talked to a former manager of Pinkberry, who wanted us to hide his identity, says this problem is much more than a few mice.

“I saw them in broad daylight in Koreatown … a mouse ran right into the store,” said “Jim.”

He showed us photos of mice droppings covering food storage bins at the 82nd Street shop. He says when workers complained to supervisors, they were told to put down traps and clean up.

“They were asked to clean with bleach to cover the mouse area … it was a huge problem and they just couldn’t handle it,” he said.

Pinkberry promises to sanitize their restaurants and have had no health department violations since they opened about 6 months ago. Pinkberry has 3 New York locations and 16 locations in the Los Angeles area.


Mice on the loose in frozen yogurt store [ABC7 New York]
(Photo: ABC7 New York]

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