Contact Info And Routing Numbers For Major Online Banks

FiveCentNickel has a good little roundup useful for when you’re moving money to or from an online banking account and you find yourself digging around for customer service phone numbers, routing numbers, or addresses.

We also usually find routing numbers we’re looking for within a minute just by Googling the bank name (in quotes) and “routing number.”

Lyons Commercial Data also lets you try out their routing number lookup service for free.

Bookmark for when you’re playing the balance transfer game or just shifting money around between accounts. — BEN POPKEN

Online Bank Contact and Routing Information [FiveCentNickel]


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  1. swalve says:

    Why do we need to know the routing numbers for local banks?

  2. Holy coni

  3. Holy coinky-dink!

    I just used this today, before I even read this post.

  4. MercuryPDX says:

    If you have your checkbook, it’s the series of numbers that appear before your account number.

  5. segfault, registered cat offender says:


    What’s a “Nickle?”

  6. Hathor says:

    Some banks have specific routing numbers for paper items (the nine-digit sequence before your account number on your checks) and other routing numbers for Automated Clearing House items (examples: direct deposit, converted checks and electronic payments such as Charter), and possibly even another routing number for wires.

    You can search on the Federal Reserve’s website for the ABA a bank uses for sending and receiving wires:

    You can search for ACH ABAs, here:

  7. @segfault: It’s mis-spelling, that’s what it is… The proper spelling of my site is FiveCentNickel (.com, of course). That being said, we here in FiveCentNickel-land still love Ben, even though he spells nickel like pickle. ;)

    Thanks for the link!

  8. Charybdis says:

    When searching for routing numbers online just keep in mind that routing numbers can vary between states within the same bank.

    For instance, Chase Texas checking is 111000614 while Louisiana is 065400137. Make sure to get the correct one for the state your account is in. If you’re unsure and you can’t get ahold of your checkbook, your branch should be able to tell you.

    And yes, this does make a difference. ACH’s with the wrong state’s routing number will be returned by us unless somebody calls. There is no cross-referencing with other states.

  9. @Charybdis: True enough, although the online-only banks typically have a single routing number.

  10. Charybdis says:

    Yeah but many people use a bricks and mortar bank, and they might use this information when setting up online bill payments, Paypal, or whatnot. I felt the non-online bank people should be aware of this potential issue.