American Cancer Society Identifies Warning Symptoms For Ovarian Cancer

While this is arguably not at all a consumer issue, we do cover a lot of health issues and thought it would be helpful to do our part to get the word out: The American Cancer Society has agreed upon a list of symptoms that could serve as an early warning sign for ovarian cancer. The symptoms are:

• abdominal pain

• feeling full quickly when eating

• and feeling a frequent or urgent need to urinate.

Women who experience these symptoms nearly every day for two or three weeks should see a doctor. ABC News medical editor Dr. Tim Johnson says, “If you have all those symptoms together and they’re new, that’s another big clue,” he said. “If they’re new symptoms and they’re persistent, absolutely talk to your doctor.” —MEGHANN MARCO

Ovarian Cancer Symptoms Identified [ABC News]
(Photo: Wikipedia)

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