Personal Finance Roundup

Retire at 40: Here’s how [MSN Money] “Take 20% of your gross income every month, invest it in a balanced index fund and leave it there, then retire 20 years later with enough for a lifetime.”

How Movie Theaters Make Money [Five Cent Nickel] “Owners joke about being in the candy business. If you didn’t have concessions at a movie theater, there would be no movie theater. We have movies just to get people in to buy popcorn and candy, where we make our money.”

Why You’re Likely To Be In A Higher Tax Bracket When You Retire [Saving Advice] “For many of us the odds are that our income tax rate will actually be higher in retirement.”

Father’s Day Ideas for Younger Kids [A Momma and the Boys Living on a Budget] “Father’s Day is almost here. I know my kids are trying to think of some ideas on what to get Dad. Here are some ideas for younger kids.”

How Can I Quell Jitters During Job Interviews? [CareerJournal] “I left my company three years ago and now I need to find a new job. The problem is that I become overwhelmed with anxiety during interviews and I miss what’s being said. What can I do?”


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