More Helio Hell

If you cancel Helio because their customer service is run by jackholes, be sure to check you really are canceled. Stella writes:

…they neglected to cancel my account after I returned the equipment and canceled my service — and didn’t send me any bills/communication, only to report me to a collection agency a few months later. It was a big and annoying ordeal, I already didn’t like the company and lack of customer service which is why I originally canceled, but after this situation, to say I have lost respect for them is just not enough.

Then again, if their call centers are bollocks, then what’s to say they’ll give you the right answer when you call? Guess the only solution is to not sign up with those pack of Scientologists in the first place. — BEN POPKEN

Helio [Yelp]


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  1. Helio is from the people at Earthlink. No wonder it sucks.

    I had horrid experiences with Earthlink.

  2. anatak says:

    great imagery, Ben!

  3. forrester says:

    I have nothing constructive to add. I just thought Id say I love the picture! its great

  4. Sasquatch says:

    If you were an OT-3 or higher, maybe they would have treated you better.

  5. Wormfather says:

    Ut ohhh, Helio keeps this up and they’ll end up with a “Round-Up” post, reserved for nominies for next years Worst Company in America.

  6. Crazytree says:


  7. mantari says:

    You have to use Tone 40. If you use Tone 40 and show unreserved intent, they will have no choice but to cancel when asked.

  8. jwissick says:

    Hell if you are an OT-3 or higher you should have mental powers and should be able to make phone calls with your mind… Who needs a phone?

  9. shdwsclan says:

    Send them a complaint, and they’ll send you a free copy of dianetics……

    I mean really dude, you deserve it….
    If you want a descent phone, the only way it to ebay HTC and go to a reputable provider like att or tmobile….

  10. dohtem says:


    Are we pretending we are British now?

  11. pestie says:

    Jesus, that picture makes my eyes ache…

  12. yg17 says:

    @shdwsclan: T-Mobile. AT&T’s nearly as bad as Helio.

    Sounds like Xenu might have put a curse on you. Or did whatever Xenu does when he’s pissed off at someone.

  13. CumaeanSibyl says:

    @yg17: He freezes you with antifreeze, and then drops you into a volcano, and then blows you up with H-bombs.

  14. CumaeanSibyl says:

    @mantari: Bwah! Or you could go down to their offices and make the little snappy-clam hand at them.

  15. @yg17: T-Mobile indeed…

  16. Trai_Dep says:

    Nice enough picture but… where’s the kittens?!!

  17. DirtCrashr says:

    Huh, they have a shop in downtown Palo Alto, it figures. They were selling the phones at Tower Records – which went bankrupt and shut the brick-and-mortar outlets, to remain semi-vivified as a – the dream of every uplinked, broadband, PaloAltoThetan…

  18. AtwaterArete says:

    How the Hell do I get out of Helio Hell? They’ve lied about their coverage,
    when I signed up they told me the phone would work in Belgium, I asked on
    two different calls even, well, the phone doesn’t even work in Europe!!! And
    it took them two weeks of emails (while I was in Europe) to get this amazing
    fact to me! By the time I got home it had been months, and I thought I could
    manage them, but lets just say things are just getting worse– is there a
    legal way to go after them???