Move To Japan So You Can Drink Ice Cucumber Pepsi

Yes, you read that correctly.

Ice cucumber Pepsi. It’s a limited edition soda only available in Japan. What does it taste like?

“Kind of like Satan in my mouth,” according to a guy on YouTube named Peter who lives in Japan.

You can watch him drink it inside.

We have so many questions.

For example: Why cucumber? Does cucumber have a taste? Should it be iced?

We may not sleep at all tonight.


Today in Extraordinarily Odd [Reluctant Whore via BuzzFeed]


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  1. urban_ninjya says:

    Oddly enough, while in Japan, I noticed quite a lot of restaraunts serve “cold tomato”. It’s basically a sliced tomato, but you get to pay 5 bucks for it.

  2. Crazytree says:

    My advice:

    If you have “Satan in your mouth”… DON’T SWALLOW!

  3. Coder4Life says:

    @urban_ninjya: Fruits and vegetables are fairly expensive in that area. Tomatoes can cost upto $1 each.

    Crazy isnt it..

  4. gavinsfingers says:

    there’s a restaurant in chicago that puts cucumber slices in their free water. i hate cucumbers, but it’s surprisingly refreshing.

  5. dvddesign says:

    I’ll have a 6 pack of this stuff waiting on me in October when I go back to Japan.

  6. MarcAnthony says:

    Why Japan? Why not the U.S.? We are savvy enough to try new Cucumber Pepsi too…..Is there a cusomter service number where i can call and complain about why we don’t get to try it first?

  7. Peeved Guy says:

    While in Atlanta one time, we visited the Coke “factory” where they allow visitors to sample Coke products from the world over.

    I was amazed that simple cultural differences would account for the varying flavors. BTW, that is a nice way of saying that some of the sodas tasted like goat urine that has spoiled.

  8. Uriel says:

    Disgusting. I could only drink six “Ice Cucumbers” before I couldn’t stand the taste anymore.

  9. Art Vandelay says:

    I’d like to try this. I like Dr. Brown Cel-Ray Celery Soda and think this could be good.

  10. Keeko_ca says:

    I never quite understood the general public’s desire to consistently knock or violently react to the taste of a whitty new soda flavor; it always seems to be the cool thing to do. However, Iced Cucumber certainly doesn’t sound appealing whatsoever.

    Then again, I’m not a resident of Japan…to whom this brand is focused upon, so what do I know?

  11. flugangst says:

    Nothing can top Russia’s Ice Cream flavor Pepsi.

  12. acambras says:

    I would imagine it’s refreshing. I’d try it.

    In Peru, you can buy Inca Cola. It’s fluorescent yellow and tastes like fizzy bubble gum.

  13. leveller says:

    My wife lived in Southeast Asia for a year and came back with a taste for Coke with cucumber in it. That, or evaporated milk. ???

    Truthfully, though, to maintain their stock price, Coke and Pepsi both have to keep coming up with new products, even if most people like their original products a great deal better than anything new they could hypothetically produce. Take the new coffee-flavored Coke. I like coffee. I like Coke. The combo is disgusting. There’s no way any sane person would buy it in preference to a regular Coke. But Coke will still produce these new things, and Pepsi will too, till Wall Street properly values selling the same great product decade after decade without changing it.

  14. jodles says:

    target’s brand “archer farms” sells cucumber water and it’s pretty crisp tasting. the cucumber makes it taste colder than it is in temperature…kinda interesting. it’s sort of like a minty effect only it doesn’t taste like toothpaste. it’s pretty good!

  15. JustAGuy2 says:

    @Peeved Guy:

    “BTW, that is a nice way of saying that some of the sodas tasted like goat urine that has spoiled.”

    And you know this how?

  16. Peeved Guy says:


    I’m not really at liberty to discuss that right now as there is still a high probability of litigation.

  17. ninjapoodles says:

    I’m not sure this product wouldn’t do moderately well here–cucumber has been marketed as a “refreshing” scent and soothing to the skin in body products marketed to women for years. I make soap, and my most popular variety is cucumber soap, made with fresh cucumbers. I’m not saying I’d EAT it, but just that the idea of “cucumber = refreshing” is one to which the consumer has already been acquainted, quite successfully. I’d at least *try* it.

  18. Skiffer says:

    I would think this would actually taste pretty good. The “cucumber slices in water” is actually pretty good. And why Japan and not the U.S.? Probably because of the prevalence of cucumbers in sushi.

    I’d think this would be a more “watered-down” flavor compared to most sodas more like flavored water than flavored soda.

  19. LowerHouseMember says:

    I’d drink it.

  20. AnnieGetYourFun says:

    Oooh. I love cucumbers. This is probably yummers.

    Cucumbers are related to melons, no? And melons have a special place in Asian cuisine. Make of that what you will.

    In China, Coca Cola sells a sour green apple flavored soda. I miss it, and wish that they sold it here in the US. Oh, and honeydew melon-flavored yogurt.

  21. Crazytree says:

    you know what tastes like satan?

    the awful black licorice-flavored coke they have in Italy.

    worst thing I’ve ever tasted in a bottle.

  22. Art Vandelay says:

    @acambras: More than likely on account of guarana. I know Jasta was a guarana flavored beverage in the US, so you may check to see if there are any other brands that offer the flavor stateside.

  23. katie_b says:

    I’ve been to quite a few asian restaurants in the US that serve cucumber and lemongrass water. it’s actually really refreshing. and this sounds weird, but one of the most memorably delicious drinks I’ve had was a cucumber martini with vodka sake. I would try cucumber pepsi.

  24. TWinter says:

    Why not cucumber soda? I’d give it a try.

    I got totally addicted to pink grapefruit soda when I lived in Germany back in the mid-90s. I wonder if they still make that stuff?

  25. exkon says:

    Cucumber is usually a “refreshing” vegetable in asian cultures.

    Makes sense that the Japanese would market something like this.

  26. Art Vandelay says:

    @TWinter: I don’t know if Ruby Red Squirt still exists, but if it does, that’s a red grapefruit soda stateside.

  27. ironchef says:

    I had the exact same reaction with Diet Dr. Pepper.

    I had to spit out the soda at the Dr. Pepper taste test promotion booth. NASTY.

  28. visualbowler says:

    I dont think anyone commented this yet, but I got tired of looking. At one of the TED conference videos that are posted online ( One of the speakers spoke about how coca cola in Japan releases a new product every 3 weeks in order to find something that strikes a chord with people, I would assume the same is truel for Pepsi. Go to and look for a conference video about sliced bread, its on iTunes too, quite intriguing.

  29. LatherRinseRepeat says:

    These soda companies would make more money if they offered some of these international flavors here in the states. But sadly, they’ve been focusing too much time and effort on developing foul tasting “energy drinks”.

  30. forrester says:


    I always find it odd on how people react to diet drinks. IMO The diet Dr. Pepper is the soft drink thats has tastes the most similar to the original. Considering Im diabetic and only drink diet sodas thats not saying much :)

  31. SilverHammer314 says:


    Thanks for that memory. I had a liter of that awful bile from a gas station in Italy. I thought it was grape. Not so much.

  32. TedSez says:

    Cucumber is now a pretty common ingredient in martinis and other mixed drinks in hip (i.e., wildly expensive) bars.

    Me, I’d take a Dr. Brown’s Cel-Ray any day.

  33. lowmagnet says:

    Though I’m not familiar with the use of cucumbers and mint in Japan, I have had that flavor combination before. If you go to any good middle-eastern restaurant you can get fresh-made cucumber and mint yogurt. Very tasty. Note that real yogurt is generally runny. Come to think of it, I could see this tasting quite familiar if it’s not *too* sweet.

  34. Trai_Dep says:

    Did the guy mean “satin” (smooth, velvety) or “Satan” (smokey is I guess the most charitable interpretation)?

    I’d LOVE to see a Satan-inspired drink in the US, though. If only to really upset the Christian whack-jobs. I’d buy even if it DID taste like stale goat piss (better than fresh, pungent goat piss?!)

  35. legotech says:

    @AnnieGetYourFun: Jones soda has a sour apple flavor…kind of interesting, but not sure I’d go for it as a regular drink.

    I think the cucumber has to be better than the tropical fruit flavored one we have here this summer…I’m not even a LITTLE interested in trying it.


  36. Jesus On A Pogo Stick says:

    @trai_dep: I totally agree with making a “Satan-inspired drink.” It would be great watching all the extreme christians totally lose it.

    The only downside to thise would be TONS of said christians writing into consumerist about how horrible the company is. Remember Starbucks Lady (
    “How dare they put anit-God quotes on their cups. I am sooo not drinking there EVER again!”)? Blah.

  37. ancientsociety says:

    I like Cucumbers, but hate Pepsi.

  38. adamondi says:


    In China, Coca Cola sells a sour green apple flavored soda. I miss it, and wish that they sold it here in the US.

    Annie, there is a company in Seattle called Jones Soda that sells a very good green apple soda. I don’t know where you are, or if Jones distributes their product to your area, but I just thought you would like to know.

  39. sp3nc3 says:

    @acambras: Inca Cola is badass!

  40. missdona says:

    If it actually tasted like cucumber, and not like Satant, I bet it would rock.

  41. mopar_man says:

    But yet the US can import Chinese tomatoes for cheaper than they can be grown in the US.

  42. gibwar says:

    You know, Ice Cucumber Pepsi sounds pretty good right now… I wonder if it is possible to import it and if it is, how much it’ll cost…

  43. nucleotide says:

    @urban_ninjya: You should have tried it. They’re not regular tomatoes. I had one at a restaurant in Roppongi and it was the best tomato I ever had in my life.

  44. kerry says:

    @gavinsfingers: I’ve been to lots of restaurants that do this. It is indeed very refreshing.

  45. philosobrat says:

    Some a brand of Mexican Soda (not Jarritos) makes Green Apple Soda. I found it last week. I did not have the courage to try it as I hate apple soda in general. I think the brand is Mundial or something like that.

  46. GrandmaSophie says:

    I’ve tasted other cucumber flavored drinks, and they are delicious. I’d totally drink this. If I drank soda anyway.

  47. Indecision says:

    @acambras: “In Peru, you can buy Inca Cola.”

    Peru? Heck, we’ve got it in the vending machine where I work. (Which is in New Jersey, btw.)

  48. danieldavis says:


    Why does it have a label in English?

  49. gamble says:

    @forrester: I agree. I try to drink diet sodas as little as possible because I don’t really like the taste but I have been known to down a few for the caffeine when no other soda was available. I’ve noticed that the Diet Dr. Pepper actually tastes almost exactly like the regular stuff. Diet Pepsi on the other hand – I have a hard time choking that down.

    I still find it hilarious though that ironchef spit out the Diet at the taste test promotion. I think I would like to see that.

  50. ivieso says:

    There is HOT Pepsi in Vietnam and China. I was over there on business and order a Pepsi and they gave me a HOT Pepsi. I believe it is Pepsi with Hot Sauce. Very unique taste, but it wasnt spicy. I wondering if it was the reason why I had the runs. It was either the fresh shrimp or Hot Pepsi.

  51. Amry says:

    The room at the Coke museum where you can try all the flavors from all over the world is indeed amazing. When I visited on a class trip in 8th grade, I think we spent close to an hour in that room, tasting them (and occasionally spitting out the nasty ones). Totally worth the entrance fee.

  52. asherchang says:

    @urban_ninjya: That’s strange, tomatoes have the most flavor when room temp.

  53. Havok154 says:

    It has to taste better then those dill pickle and mustard potato chips I had.

  54. Trai_Dep says:

    @danieldavis: the Japanese often use English words to convey modernity, hipness, or something international. Or Katakana, one of their phonetic alphabets. Since they realize that investing in children is cheaper than investing in prisons, most Japanese can read English decently enough to get the pronounciation.

  55. Kalik says:

    @ dvddesign: Sorry dude, we don’t sell soda in 6-packs in Japan. Only individually or like, a box of them.

    @ ivieso: They also have a “Cold” Pepsi as well – although it’s called Fire and Ice. []

    As for cucumber pepsi, a few of my friends here (yes, I live in Japan) have tried it and they have all said that it’s nasty.

  56. amazon says:

    It can’t possibly be worse than Sprite Ice.

  57. G-Dog says:

    Pepsi will make this stuff, but Jasta will never be seen in the country again. It’s a tragic crime against my taste buds.

  58. lizzybee says:

    @acambras: I tried that at one of our sort-of “local” Peruvian restaurants, and I loved it!

  59. Her Grace says:

    @leveller: Hey, now. Coke Blak is the most wonderful form of Coke known to man. I think it’s heaven in a bottle, and though it hasn’t been released yet in Australia, I did bring one with me from the US. A local brand does a coffee-cola soda (sadly diet–I don’t care for aspartame, particularly) that I occasionally indulge in. Not as good as Coke Blak, but still really yummy. I also may or may not buy regular Coke and add shots of coffee.

  60. Nextlevel says:

    They have them on ebay, might order a few to check it out and show people at work.

  61. AcidReign says:

    …..I don’t know how Cucumber flavor is going to turn out in a drink, but I love real cucumbers! A summer dinner isn’t complete without a plate of sliced tomatoes and cucumbers in the middle of the table.

  62. acetate3 says:

    @Indecision: I believe that Inca Kola (for the USA) is actually bottled in Jersey, so it makes sense that you find can find it somewhat easily.

    @lizybee: Inca Kola is so good, isn’t it! Kinda like bubble gum but not really. What do you think it tastes like? I liked it so much that during my recent visit to Peru I purchased two t-shirts with the logo on them.

  63. IC18 says:


    I assume that was spicy coke. since I already tried some hot coke, when cooking some chicken wings, its NASTY. the wings tasted good though.

  64. Doorknob says:

    Bring back Dulce de Leche M&M’s!

  65. CSR says:

    I enjoyed this post simply because of my partner’s reaction.

    See, she *loves* Pepsi. To the point that she thinks any alteration to the drink is close to being a sacrilege. So the look of utter horror on her face when I showed her this article was beyond priceless!

  66. arachnophilia says:

    personally, i find tzatziki quite refreshing on a hot summer’s day. so i could see “ice cucumber.”

    though it probably tastes more like satan than cucumber.

  67. ninjalicker says:

    I am the Peter guy in the video. It really did just taste like chemicals. The best description I could come up with was ‘carbonated mouthwash’. Neither my wife nor I could stomach a whole mouthful, but I am not trying to figure out what alcohol to mix it with, not explode or die. Everyone I know here is experimenting. My friends weigh in as well at

  68. ninjalicker says:

    @danieldavis: Most drinks have labels in English here in Japan, that’s cool, kids.

  69. asten77 says:

    In China – they also have Lay’s potato chips in Cucumber flavor. They’re surprisingly good. The flavor is very light and pleasant.

    I also recall going to EPCOT at Disney, where there is/was a Coke ‘store’ of sorts, which had various products from around the world. One was a watermelon soda from China that was extremely tasty.

  70. Theseus says:


    Funny, my thought excatly was “this sounds really good, like that awesome lemongrass martini I once had in Ann Arbor”.

    Sign me up!

  71. jook says:

    I just got back from Japan. I was afraid of the Ice Cucumber Pepsi for a while, but eventually I tried it. It’s quite tasty. Wish I’d thought to bring some home.

  72. pmathews says:

    @philosobrat: I believe the brand is Cidral Mundet or something like that. Pretty tasty sodas. I prefer the apple soda.

  73. russdanger says:

    I’m waiting for “Crunchy Toad” flavor.

  74. That's What She Said says:


    I’m posting pretty late on this, and I’m sure no one will read it, but my boyfriend and I have always thought it would be kind of great to have a Jesus inspired energy drink called “Blood of Christ.” You would market it with its complimentary product, an energy bar called “Body of Christ.”

    I don’t know, but I don’t think it would go over well with Christians, either.