At Launch, iPhone Only Available At, Apple Stores, And Select AT&T Stores

Don’t go looking for the new iPhone at any ol’ AT&T store come June 29th, it will only be available through, Apple stores, and certain special AT&T outlets, according to an AT&T memo we received.

Not like this is groundbreaking, but we’d hate to see people worked up in a lather over the gizmo sleeping in front of the wrong store on launch day…

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  1. LatherRinseRepeat says:

    If I was a Cingular/AT&T employee, I would just take a vacation that week.

  2. GruffPelt says:

    Much of this information has been known since the original iPhone introduction in January. It was announced then that the iPhone would only be available from, Apple retail stores, and Cingular (nee AT&T) company-owned retail stores — no Apple dealers (ala CompUSA, Best Buy or Mac4Me) or general cellphone dealers (ala Cell It 2 Me).

    What does seem to have changed is that, even though a dealer may not be able to sell the iPhone, they can still sell some services. The mention of FamilyTalk also points to AT&T offering something similar to it’s plans for other cellphones and not a simplified plan just for the iPhone (although I still hold out hope).

    I firmly believe that it’s AT&T that will determine the success or failure of the iPhone. Regardless of the ease-of-use, technical superiority, or overall capabilities of the iPhone, if AT&T service or pricing is outrageous, people will stay away.

  3. Didn’t Steve Jobs recommend going to the AT&T stores to pick them up? This is kind of a downer, since not every AT&T store is going to have them.

    I want one :(

  4. asplodzor says:

    I don’t know anyone who has AT&T – do any of you current AT&T users ever have any issues with data QOSing?

    Quality of Service info []

  5. skyyguy says:

    FYI: From an insider at AT&T. The iPhone will not be available for CRU accounts. (That is accounts that are the responibility of a corp.) So if the boss wants one that the company pays for; hey has to get it on his own; under his own personal finacial responsibilty.

    The iphone will also not be available with rate plans that have additional discounts; only retail plans. So if you have a company discount; military; or educational discount; say good bye to that additional % off discount.

    So.. No mms, no IM, no removable battery. No additional storage; so number of movies on that big screen will be limited. Oh, and it’s EDGE. Not 3G. So why would you want the full internet at dial up speeds?

    Notice on the TV commercials; they never show a page load?

  6. roamer1 says:

    @skyyguy: No CRU accounts — given the lack of “business” features on the iPhone (no corporate email, etc.), that actually makes sense.

    No Premier/FAN discounts — WHAT? It might not be possible to buy an iPhone on an existing line with a discount (why AT&T would do that I have no clue), but I’d expect that one could still activate a new line of service with no discount, then go to the Premier web site and sign up for a discount that way, unless they specifically block ilnes with iPhone IMEIs or data plans from it. (I took exactly that route when I switched my main line from T-Mobile to what was then Cingular, as I already had a Treo and just needed a SIM.)

    No MMS — taking a page out of T-Mobile’s Sidekick playbook, I guess :(
    No IM — eww. *scratches head*
    No removable battery — if the iPod and earlier Sidekicks are any indication, it’s less of a concern than some make it out to be
    No 3G — given that even some large cities (Denver, and most of L.A.)have no 3G, I’m not surprised!

    (I have no intention of getting an iPhone; I have a Treo 680, which does pretty much all the iPhone does and then some.)

  7. Eukaryote says:

    So when exactly will they be available to order from

    On the 29th, or before, so that they arrive on the 29th, a la Tiger or other big releases?

  8. GruffPelt says:

    @Eukaryote: The iPhone will not be available anywhere, including online, before 29 June — so no pre-orders. Waiting lists have also been banned by Apple and AT&T.

    Rumor has it that the phone won’t even arrive in stores until the morning of the 29th to reduce theft and early sell issues.

  9. mikecolione says:

    @LatherRinseRepeat – The time period was blocked out for vacations unless it was already scheduled :(

    @something_amazing – Check for company owned stores near you. All company owned stores will receive the phones on the 29th in time for the 6pm launch time.

    @skyyguy – It has been made obvious this phone isn’t geared to the business crowd. I also work at AT&T, and haven’t heard anything about what plans will be available. (not saying your source is wrong). As for the discounts, they have never applied to features, only the voice portion of the primary line, which will not change for the iPhone. After all, it has very little to do with the voice plan, but instead will have it’s own data plan.

    @roamer1 – The SIM card is also internal, and you are not able to get to it without disecting the phone itself.

    @GruffPelt – The launch date is indeed the 29th, but will not be availabe until 6pm local time for the stores. This was announced by S.J. as the recent WWDC on Monday during his keynote.

    whew that was alot of typing… :)

  10. UnStatusTheQuo says:

    I wish that they wouldn’t have announced it in January, then released it without enough units to meet demand.

    Maybe announce at WWDC or other event, and release in October when you might have enough units to actually get to the local AT&T stores.

    For me, if the bluetooth doesn’t work with the 760i, I’m not pulling the trigger, so online is not an option, and I think the crowd at ANY Apple store will be insane. So it seems to me like even finding an AT&T store that has it on the 29th is going to be a real pain in the ass.

    Nice work, Apple. Very Microsoft of you.

  11. jersy says:

    mikecolione says:

    @roamer1 – The SIM card is also internal, and you are not able to get to it without disecting the phone itself.

    Sorry, but the sim is accessible via sim try on the top of the phone. Steve even says so in his keynote. If you visit the apple iPhone page and watch the iPhone introduction, via quick time, at 12:52 Jobs is showing the controls on the phone and gets to the top. He points out the headphone jack, and then says ” we’ve got a place, a tray, for your sim card”

    I have no idea how this inaccessible sim card rumor got started, but it completely untrue, and driving me crazy.

  12. royal72 says:

    @UnStatusTheQuo: if there is anything steve jobs is good at is the wow factor and getting everyone who’s interested drooling. it makes perfect sense from a business standpoint, as it pretty much guarantees the iphone (unless it’s a complete bust) will be in very high demand through the end of the year.

  13. Call me when it drops about $200 or $300 USD and is usable with providers other than AT&T (Still branded Cingular at various stores).

  14. anatak says:

    “…but we’d hate to see people worked up in a lather over the gizmo sleeping in front of the wrong store on launch day…”

    I think that is going to be hard to stop

  15. rmz says:


    I know that feeling. Back in high school, I was working at a game store for the Xbox and GameCube launches. That was one of the craziest weeks that I’ve ever had in any job. I wish I could’ve taken that time off.

    Of course, they both paled in comparison to the Super Smash Bros. Melee release day. That brought out all of the scary Nintendo fanboys.

  16. creamsissle says:

    …it isn’t all just about iPhone(tm).

    I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  17. roamer1 says:


    As for the discounts, they have never applied to features, only the voice portion of the primary line, which will not change for the iPhone.

    Many — but not all — FANs do discount data and messaging add-ons; the one I’m on does. (Answer Tones/etc. aren’t discounted.)

    The “internal SIM” rumor has been debunked; heck, even the Sidekick, which is intimately tied to T-Mobile, has a user-accessible, although well-hidden, SIM slot.

  18. roamer1 says:


    Nice work, Apple. Very Microsoft of you.

    I’d say “Very Nintendo of you” given the shortage of Wiis that still exists even today… :p

  19. Brad2723 says:

    I can’t wait to see the losers sleeping in front of the wrong store. That would be funny.

  20. shdwsclan says:

    Aside from looks, the iPhone is a piece of shit in the functionality department….

    It cannot find you the nearest susi restaurant, though it claims to even though there is no gps.
    A $600 smartphone has a gps reciever in it…

    You can see the “real” web, but its cost you like $100 per megabyte. Most $600 smartphones have wifi.

    You cant even use bluetooth for what it was mean for….wireless headphones/microphone…
    Most $600 smartphones can do that, actually, they support all of the Iphone transfer profiles and the headphone daisychain profile….they also support lan over bt, which is an uncommon feature…

    PEOPLE, for $600 you can get an E-ten m700 that:
    +Can do everything the iPhone can
    +Has real GPS
    +Supports 3G
    +Has wifi support
    +Has a slideout backlit keyboard[wait…should apple have that too]
    +Full audio bluetooth profiles that support bluetooth stereo headsets….hey…there is a new on for apple….you dont need a wire for your headset…and 2 people can listen at the same time
    +4gb of music on solid and cheap[sd] storage
    +You can actually sync it with anything
    +quad band support
    +Comes unlocked…versus the iphone being locked to ATT for $600
    +removable and replaceable battery
    +optional car dock so you can use it as a talking navigation system

    So there is really no good functional reason in buying an iphone, other than the fact that you wanna blow money at something that looks pretty.

  21. itsgene says:

    @shdwsclan: Even a cursory skim of the iPhone pages at Apple’s website will tell you how bizarrely wrong your uninformed comment was.
    iPhone DOES have WiFi. And even if it didn’t, $100/mb is a little bit of an exaggeration, isn’t it? Try $40/month unlimited data.
    It CAN find you the nearest sushi restaurant — but one assumes that you have to tell it where you are.
    A Bluetooth headset/microphone is an available Apple accessory and it supports other Bluetooth headphones. (I don’t agree with your assessment that Bluetooth was “mean” for; it was designed as an ad hoc networking system for small devices.)

    I don’t know what other $600 smartphones you’ve used except the E-ten, but the ones I’ve used — like Treo and Blackberry — haven’t had GPS or Google Maps built in, haven’t had decent Bluetooth support, haven’t had WiFi, haven’t been unlocked, are a pain to sync and require third party $$ software to do it decently, etc…