US Airways Broken Lost And Found Page

The US Airways Lost and Found website page returns a 404 Not Found error when accessed. Maybe they should try looking in their lost and found? But how would they reach themselves?

One way is to call corporate headquarters at 480-693-0800 and ask for the lost and found department, remembering that the place is in Arizona and they’re on Mountain Time. Then you leave a detailed message including name, phone number, item description, and flight number, and only expect to receive a callback if they get a match.

The other way is to call lost and found directly at 480-693-1596. Same deal as above. A throaty lady named Cary seems to run the department. — BEN POPKEN

Lost And Found [US Airways]


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  1. randalotto says:

    Thank you Ben…

    I’ve been trying to get in touch with them for a week – the website has been down for AT LEAST that long.

  2. jeffj-nj says:

    If the page doesn’t come back online within the hour, I want a 20% coupon.

  3. acambras says:

    The irony.

  4. rmz says:

    Technically, AZ is at GMT -8 (equivalent to PDT) at this time of year since the state doesn’t participate in daylight savings. :)

    The other half of the year, it’s GMT -7.

  5. frogpelt says:

    Yeah… so is their Large Giraffe page.

    I checked their website I didn’t find a “Lost and Found” page. Anything you type in the address bar will try to resolve and end up at a 404 error page.


  6. randalotto says:

    Here ya go:

    This is the ONLY way US Air gives you to report something lost. Ben was only able to find that number through sneaky, extra leg-work.

    I’ve spent 6 days trying to report something lost – web page has been down at least that long.

  7. Ben Popken says:

    @frogpelt: Try following these steps:

    2. Top right – About us – Contact Us
    3. Customer Relations
    4. Lost and Found

  8. frogpelt says:

    To clarify: I searched the site map on US Airways site and didn’t see a link for a “Lost and Found” page.

    This leads me to believe that they intentionally took the page down and if you try to access it through a direct URL you will be unsuccessful.

    However, Mr. Popken addressed the issue by giving out the lost and found information phone number, which I guess was his point.

  9. frogpelt says:

    @Ben Popken:

    Aha! I’m enlightened.

  10. bridgie says:

    “Cary” is actually “Terri”, and thanks to you guys posting her number, I got my luggage back in less than 24 hours. Apparently Logan has been backed up with over 300 bags of luggage for the past 3 days, and Terri advised me that it was probably just sitting there with all the other bags. She was really great, stayed on the phone with me directly for 20 minutes trying to figure out where my stuff was, and why the Boston people weren’t answering the phones. She apologized for the Boston people, and assured me that since my luggage was coming from Phoenix, that it was definitely in Boston already. I went the hour and back to Logan, to find my bag sitting there among all the others with a torn “rush” tag on it. And, of course, i just took it, and nobody asked to see any paperwork or IDs. In fact, nobody even saw me take it. Good times. Kudos to Terri, no kudos to anyone else at US Airways.

  11. aboros says:

    For what it’s worth:

    Yes, when you talk to USAirways, they say “contact the airport” (see here). And yes, when you go to the airport (in my case, SFO), they say “contact the airline” (see here).

    What they don’t tell you is that what they both really mean is “Contact the appropriate airline’s baggage service department at the airport.” for SFO that number is 650-877-0458.

    Good luck all, and thank you Consumerist – it was Cary in Phoenix who set me on the right course.