Personal Finance Roundup

Drip, Drip, Drip Your Way Out Of Debt [No Credit Needed] “Debt reduction requires a patient, day after day, commitment. Drip by drip, drop by drop, payment by payment, we work ourselves out of debt, one account at a time.”

Trade in that old house [CNN Money] “In a bid to boost home sales, builders are looking to the auto lot for tips on how to move merchandise in a sagging market: they’re taking trade-ins.”

One Of My Best and Cheapest Investments Yet: How I Turned $80 Into $5,000 With Minimal Risk and Effort [The Digerati Life] “I spent a mere $80 for something that is now valued at around $5,000 (or possibly higher) for a tidy return of 6,150%. What that thing is, is no other than my back yard’s most prominent tree: a large Curly Willow.”

Donate Stock or Cash to Charity? [Kiplinger] “Which is better — donate stock to a charity or donate the proceeds from selling the stock? It depends on whether you’ve gained or lost money on the investment.”

Apparently I Feel Differently About Debt [Irregular Payments] “The tax dodge route is, I’m sorry, just stupid. Paying a buck to get a quarter back makes you a moron.”


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  1. MeOhMy says:

    That one about the tree is pretty misleading. Sure, trees are a nice feature and nice landscaping can at least help your home sell more quickly if not making it worth more than similar homes, but you’re not going to see an automatic $20k benefit just because you planted a tree 5 years ago.

  2. Invisobel says:

    @Troy F.: well another way trees can save money are the potential tax breaks some states give you if you plant the right tree. Here in FL there are a few trees that will give you significant tax breaks.