Personal Finance Roundup

Drip, Drip, Drip Your Way Out Of Debt [No Credit Needed] “Debt reduction requires a patient, day after day, commitment. Drip by drip, drop by drop, payment by payment, we work ourselves out of debt, one account at a time.”

Trade in that old house [CNN Money] “In a bid to boost home sales, builders are looking to the auto lot for tips on how to move merchandise in a sagging market: they’re taking trade-ins.”

One Of My Best and Cheapest Investments Yet: How I Turned $80 Into $5,000 With Minimal Risk and Effort [The Digerati Life] “I spent a mere $80 for something that is now valued at around $5,000 (or possibly higher) for a tidy return of 6,150%. What that thing is, is no other than my back yard’s most prominent tree: a large Curly Willow.”

Donate Stock or Cash to Charity? [Kiplinger] “Which is better — donate stock to a charity or donate the proceeds from selling the stock? It depends on whether you’ve gained or lost money on the investment.”

Apparently I Feel Differently About Debt [Irregular Payments] “The tax dodge route is, I’m sorry, just stupid. Paying a buck to get a quarter back makes you a moron.”


(Photo: C.Barr)

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