HBO Backlash: Subscribers "Crash" HBO's Website Complaining About Sopranos Finale

More than a few HBO subscribers were enraged by Sunday’s series finale and immediately raced to flood HBO’s email boxes with complaints—enough that according to LAWeekly, the volume of whiners crashed HBO’s website. From LAWeekly:

Either way, it was terrible. Apparently, my extreme reaction was typical of many series’ fans: they crashed HBO’s website for a time tonight trying to register their outrage. HBO could suffer a wave of cancellations as a result. (Already, the pay channel’s replacement series like John from Cincinnati are getting panned.) Chase clearly didn’t give a damn about his fans. Instead, he crapped in their faces. This is why America hates Hollywood.

This was whimpering. If you’re angry at wasting an hour, complain with your wallets.

The Sopranos finale was most notable to this website because it was being used in a thumbscrew-like fashion to “suggest” that analog cable subscribers switch to digital. Comcast, in particular, took HBO off analog cable to coincide with the finale, in the hopes that analog subscribers would switch. Now, oh boy, are people mad.

We watched it. We thought it was fine family fun and give it a whole-hearted endorsement… and when you’ve pleased a consumer news website, you’ve really done something special. Best ending since “The Birds.”—MEGHANN MARCO

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