Daughter Stuck with Comatose Mom's Debt?

For those of you who enjoyed today’s post on the woman who committed suicide after her husband was threatened with debtor’s prison, here’s another one up your bleak alley.

In a column by bankrate.com’s resident debt adviser Steve Bucci, a woman named Nina writes of her mother’s death while on a cruise ship. Although her mother’s $30,000 in medical expenses were eventually paid off by the insurance company, in the months it took for the payment to go through, “the credit card company hit her account, even though they knew she was in a coma and subsequently died, with over-limit fees, finance charges, etc.”

Bucci informed her that, thankfully, because Nina is “not a joint cardholder on the account and [her] mother left no estate,” she does not incur the debt. That’s good to know. Who wants to worry about the debt their kids are accumulating while in an endless coma?

Read more at bankrate.com —BRIAN FAIRBANKS

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