Morning Deals

Woot: Sharp SD-HX500 1-Bit Digital 500 Watt Flat Panel Home Theater System for $149

Office Depot: Quicken Deluxe 2007 for $9.99

Amazon: Big sale on Logitech items. Savings after mail-in-rebates.

Highlights From Dealhack

Footlocker: Two-Day Sale: Save 25% off All Orders with Coupon 5.1 Multimedia Home Theater Speaker System $24
Apple Store: Students: Get a Mac and the iPod nano is Free


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  1. Jaysyn was banned for: says:

    Doesn’t Intuit (the maker of Quicken) still use DRM that can possibly screw up your PC?

  2. MeOhMy says:

    When did “flat panel” become a marketing buzzword?

  3. MasterShake says:

    It seems that the Quicken deal is done because they are all out of stock. Is this what others are finding? Of course I can buy it at the local store, but the coupon only works on phone or internet orders…

  4. k8supergrover says:

    If you buy a shuffle do you just get the rest of the rebate off the cost of the computer or do you have to get the nano or the big one?

  5. WebCudgel says:

    Oh… it’s only the PC version of the Quicken software. The Mac version retails for $10 more and only has a $30 rebate making the price $40. What gives?