50 Ways To Be Cheaply Romantic

You know us, we’re a bunch of cheapskates. That’s why we were delighted to find that Zen Habits had compiled a list of 50 ways to be cheaply romantic. Now not only do we get to be cheap, we can be lazy, too.

One caveat: “#6: Burn a CD with love songs.” can be overdone. If you find yourself asking, “Hey, did you listen to the last 4 CDs from the last 4 holidays yet?” You should probably try #9, instead: “Prepare strawberries with fondue chocolate.” Mmmm! —MEGHANN MARCO

50 Ways to Be Romantic on the Cheap [Zen Habits]
(Photo: Meghann Marco)


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  1. feralparakeet says:

    This kinda reminds me of the list they pass out in abstinence programs detailing things kids can do instead of having sex. My personal favorites are:

    “30. Write a love letter.”

    And post it on your Myspace, Livejournal, and try to get it linked to Fark.

    “32. Go to a movie, ignore the movie, and make out like teen-agers.”

    I thought that this was supposed to be a list of things to do on the cheap? Somebody hasn’t seen the price of a movie lately.

    “44. Have dinner on the roof, with some candles. This doesn’t work if your roof slopes sharply.”

    Not wise if you have a 2+ story house, either, or if you’re just going to get swarmed by mosquitoes and noseeums when you get up there…

    “45. Hold hands, and walk somewhere with lots of pretty lights.”

    I personally recommend the lights of the police cars and ambulances after you fall off the roof or are almost arrested for trespassing on your own roof.

    Also, they forgot to include on the list “ask your SO if he/she’s lost weight, and try to look like you actually mean it without cracking up.”

  2. KevinQ says:

    For one of my most romantic gestures, I mixed 4, 6, and 26.

    I planned a sunset picnic in a park overlooking the lake, with the sunset in the background. Then, I filled my iPod with slow romantic music, and gave each of us an earbud so that we could dance to the music that only we could hear.

    It was quite effective.


  3. markwm says:

    Wildflowers can be hard to find in some areas, so I’d recommend a modification to that suggestion.
    It should read “Stop by the local cemetery on the way home from work and grab the prettiest arrangement. Be sure to remove the ‘Beloved Wife/Husband’ tag.”

    This one can’t fail!

  4. Chicago7 says:


    Hahahaha! You know, they have splitters so you could both have 2 earbuds! Stereo!

    Hie thee to Radio Shack!

  5. Nobody ever listens to mix CDs.

  6. etinterrapax says:

    You know what would be incredibly romantic and doesn’t cost a dime? If my husband would pick up after his own damn self for a change.

  7. acambras says:


    And might I add that my man is never sexier than when he’s pushing a vacuum cleaner.

  8. AcidReign says:

    …..You can do movies for cheap, if it’s not brand-new. I took the family to “Grindhouse” two weeks ago, and it cost $4, plus about $1 for the four cans of Dr. Pepper we smuggled in. What a fun couple of movies those were!

    …..Not every man is useless in the house. I cook every dinner (and clean up) and do my own laundry.

  9. etinterrapax says:

    @AcidReign: Of course not every man is useless in the house. But none of the ones who aren’t are coming and cleaning up after mine, who is. And there really isn’t anything else he could do to make me feel valued, if he’d just recognize the value of my contribution to the household, which is raising our son and keeping the house from falling into squalor. With a toddler, that takes at most four hours of neglect.

  10. kerry says:

    The only one on there I can really get behind is #50. The rest of them are too sappy to be realistic in my relationship. That said, the “go on a date” one is pretty smart. Just do something that the two of you enjoy and especially enjoy in each others’ company. Nothing more romantic in the world.

  11. MaliBoo Radley says:


    You took your “family” to see Grindhouse? I bet the little ones loved that …

  12. AcidReign says:

    …..@radleyas: Ages 14 & 16. They’re bigger than I am (and eat more. Lord! do they eat more!). My daughter is a zombie flick fan, and the boy likes racing. Worked out great!