United Airlines Solves Stranded Passenger Problem With 20% Off Coupons

Thank goodness for United Airlines, they’ve solved the problem of what to do with grounded, stranded passengers. You know, the problem that Congress has been having hearings about? The solution: a 20% off coupon, a $10 airport meal voucher and a note of apology! The Denver Post says that United will consider anyone with a taxi-out delay of more than 3 hours or a taxi-in delay of more than 90 minutes eligible for the goodies.

United said that 324 of its flights had ground delays of more than 3 hours in 2006.

Forgive us for being cynical but if this happened to us, we’d tell them to take their 20% off coupon and shove it in their tail rudder. —MEGHANN MARCO

United pledges time limits on ground delays [Denver Post]
(Photo: Atwater Village Newbie)

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