Morning Deals

Woot: Woot-off still going on.

Office Depot: Logitech

Harmony 676 Advanced Universal Programmable Remote for $79.99

Sharper Image: Woofi Power Subwoofer $15.90 Shipped

Highlights From Dealhack

Circuit City: Philips P-Scan DVD Player with DivX $35 Shipped ADS USB DVD Xpress Video Capture System only $34 Save 50%: IO Gear Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Kit $40 Shipped


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  1. letoofdune says:

    This woot-off is going to kill me. End, damn you, and let me get back to life!

  2. mopar_man says:

    Amazon also has the same DVD player for the same price (including shipping). Does anybody have any experience with these? I’m looking for a cheap replacement DVD player for put in a spare room and this seems like a good solution being that I really like my Philips electronics.

  3. mantari says: