Friday Flickr Finds

(Photo: cmorran123)


(Photo: faberandrew)


(Photo: Spidra Webster)


(Photo: stirwise)

Jump in our Flickr pool! The water is fine. Nearly all the photos we use on Consumerist come from you, the readers. We need photos of all kinds. We particularly lean towards using photographs that feature company logos, so get out there and take some pictures of the stores in your town. We’d also love to see more pictures of payday lenders, so if your city has them (Ahem, Chicago, we’re looking at you…) take some pictures! —MEGHANN MARCO


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  1. taberandrew says:

    Hey there y’all,
    I posted the Dunkin Donuts photo, I’m glad you liked it! But I wanted to let you know, my handle is “taberandrew” and not “faberandrew.” Cheers, and thanks :)


  2. CoffeeAddict says:

    NBC picture was kewl, Dunkin’ Donuts was ok, FDNY I didn’t really get, and the Adidas one is odd.