Great Moments In Commercial History: Valley Ball

This week’s commercial was sent in by Matthew, who claims to have a “friend” who works “near this place.” Hmm.

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  1. B says:

    I’ve seen this before on a gawker site. It must have been fleshbot. I mean I have “friend” who was surfing “near” fleshbot and showed it to me.

  2. amazing!!

  3. @B: We must have the same “friend”.

  4. homerjay says:

    Wow…. I wonder if they ran that during prime-time.:)

  5. alk509 says:



    Priceless! :D

  6. tat2dphreak says:

    wow, classic… very nice!

  7. suburbancowboy says:

    This guy was Makin’ It Rain years before Pacman Jones.

  8. Sudonum says:

    This would usually come on while watching Twilight Zone or Rifleman reruns at 3 in the morning. Ahh the good old days!

  9. mantari says:

    So horrible, it wraps all the way back around to awesome again.

  10. Crazytree says:

    Valley Ball. Very famous for the murder of it’s part-owner “Big Mac” McKenna.

  11. Aetsen says:

    Pure class.

  12. Leningrad says:

    brother’s making it rain like he’s the HNIC.

    actor or frequent customer?

  13. rapeface says:

    crikey! i’ve been to exactly one strip club in southern california and it was this place. i thought it was called the valley “belle”. my friend is an attorney in the area and was representing 80+ “entertainers” in a class action suit against club owners and this was the only club where he didn’t have a client so he could go there without fear of ending up in a dumpster with an icepick in his throat.

    i got some free “attention” from a beautiful young girl who told me she lived in compton. i was actually enjoying our time together until the topic of conversation turned to her customers and she told me some old man had snuck his junk out of the wrapper without her knowing it and then “he came on me.” :(