Walmart Executives Gone Wild

Disavowed Walmart adgal Julie Roehm is branding her former colleagues as unethical hypocrites. Roehm sued Walmart after being fired for allegedly breaking Walmart’s allegedly strict ethics policies. According to her legal filings submitted yesterday to the U.S. District Court in Detroit, several Walmart executives misunderstood the finer points of business ethics.

  • Walmart CEO H. Lee Scott accepted “a number of yachts,” and a pink diamond from Irwin Jacobs, in exchange for allowing Jacobs’ company the exclusive right to buy unsold Walmart merchandise;
  • Irwin Jacobs hired H. Lee Scott’s son, Eric S. Scott, who had worked for Walmart as a buyer;
  • E. Stanley Kroenke, a cousin by marriage of the descendant of Walmart’s founders owns 55 stores that are leased back to Walmart at a highly inflated price;
  • Several Walmart executives were given backstage passes to an Eagles concert;
  • Walmart’s General Counsel, Robert Rhoads, had an affair with a subordinate and paid for her apartment and college tuition; it ended well when Rhoads divorced his wife and married the subordinate.

    We’re shocked, shocked to find that Walmart executives might be hypocrites. — CAREY GREENBERG-BERGER

    Ex-exec hits back at Wal-Mart [CNN]

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    1. Trick says:

      I’m shocked! I never seen *ANY* corporation that had any type of scandals before. And now we find out about this regarding Wal*Mart?

      Wal*Mart has given the term CEO and executive branch a black eye. They should be shunned as the evil-doers they are for abusing the power that hold.

      Never before have I ever heard of this type of actions form any other corporation!

    2. swalve says:

      Eagles tickets! The horror! Sounds like sour grapes to me…

    3. mattshu says:

      Chick is bit-ter.

    4. strathmeyer says:

      So, which ethical Walmart policy did Julie Roehm break?

    5. timmus says:

      Several Walmart executives were given backstage passes to an Eagles concert

      Well, I’ve always heard that the Eagles have sold out, but apparently they have REALLY sold out. They take corporate rock to a whole new dimension.

    6. Havok154 says:


      First line of the actual article:

      “Julie Roehm, the former Wal-Mart marketing executive fired for traveling with a co-worker at the company’s expense”

    7. AcidReign says:

      …..If a Walmart exec wanted tickets to my concert, I’d Fed-ex him some as soon as possible! Considering the limited number of CDs available at Walmart, I’d be glad to comp a few tickets to ensure my CD was in there…

    8. mantari says:

      @AcidReign: I believe, reading the article, that a vendor gave tickets to an executive, which would be a bad no-no at most large corporations.

    9. Motor_Head says:

      Julie used to work at Chrysler. She’s responsible for the Aerosmith and Celine Dion advertising campaigns.

      When she went to Walmart, my friends that work at Chrysler commented that she wouldn’t fit in very well, because she is a little wild. I guess they were wrong!

    10. AcidReign says:

      …..@mantari: You are right, of course. We don’t get concert-ticket stuff from vendors where I work, but they’ll try to hand out hats, t-shirts, etc. Then I have to tell the employees who took the items that they can’t wear it in the plant. Yippie. I hate dress codes…

      …..To me, wearing a “National Glue” ballcap is kinda redneck, too, but then what do I know?

    11. OBoogie says:

      Married Julie had sex with her married subordinate, which is just a hair different than traveling with a co-worker at the expense of the company.

      She did numerous things against Wal-Mart company policy, including trying to get her and her lover-subordinate jobs with the ad agency she hired to take over WM’s advertising account.

      In other words, she hasn’t got a chance in hell. She’s ruined her own career. WM was foolish to hire her in the first place.

    12. Chicago7 says:

      Every one of those items is a slap in the face to shareholders.

      I can’t see how share value is increasing by any of those items. If these were politicians, for example, they would be in jail or at least thrown out of office.

    13. hop says:

      politicians get away with this kinda crap every day….and i’m sure if the inside workings of other corporations were to be put under the microscope some of these things would surface….i’m not taking up for these actions, it just seems to be the way it is now….grab what you can and git…..

    14. says:

      This sounds like pretty standard executive behavior, actually. Always amusing to see it publicized, and I hope they get in trouble for it, but nothing particularly special here…

    15. Cap'n Jack says:

      @OBoogie: Proof, or it didn’t happen.

    16. shoegazer says:

      @Shadgenki: er, RTFA?

      Wal-Mart countersued Roehm, claiming she and a marketing colleague had a romantic relationship, traveling on the company’s time, and used a review of advertising agencies to seek jobs at one of those agencies.

      So her argument is basically “Joe Lawyer (walmart general counsel) did it, why’d I get fired?” Which shows how naive / stupid / utterly morally bankrupt she is anyway , so good riddance.

    17. OBoogie says:

      Thanks, Shadgenki.

      Please note: Robert Rhoads is no longer general counsel at WM. He hasn’t been for some time. He “retired” while I was still there.

    18. OBoogie says:

      Obviously I meant to thank shoegazer, not Shadgenki. Duh.

    19. Tfleming says:

      How about posting the phone numbers of Walmart CEOs? I just got off the phone with a snotty account manager, trying to pay a bill online, who basically told me it’s there buiness and their online payment site is their product and they’re run it like they want – i.e. not let me make a payment on my account until it’s referred to collections.