Walmart Executives Gone Wild

Disavowed Walmart adgal Julie Roehm is branding her former colleagues as unethical hypocrites. Roehm sued Walmart after being fired for allegedly breaking Walmart’s allegedly strict ethics policies. According to her legal filings submitted yesterday to the U.S. District Court in Detroit, several Walmart executives misunderstood the finer points of business ethics.

  • Walmart CEO H. Lee Scott accepted “a number of yachts,” and a pink diamond from Irwin Jacobs, in exchange for allowing Jacobs’ company the exclusive right to buy unsold Walmart merchandise;
  • Irwin Jacobs hired H. Lee Scott’s son, Eric S. Scott, who had worked for Walmart as a buyer;
  • E. Stanley Kroenke, a cousin by marriage of the descendant of Walmart’s founders owns 55 stores that are leased back to Walmart at a highly inflated price;
  • Several Walmart executives were given backstage passes to an Eagles concert;
  • Walmart’s General Counsel, Robert Rhoads, had an affair with a subordinate and paid for her apartment and college tuition; it ended well when Rhoads divorced his wife and married the subordinate.

    We’re shocked, shocked to find that Walmart executives might be hypocrites. — CAREY GREENBERG-BERGER

    Ex-exec hits back at Wal-Mart [CNN]

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