Payday Lender Leaves Customer Information Out In The Street

If you’ve used Check into Cash in Champaign, IL you might have a serious problem. The payday lender has been leaving customer’s personal information including Social Security numbers, addresses, photocopies of driver’s licenses and other personal information out on the street for anyone to find. Luckily, that someone was a newspaper. From the News-Gazette:

Wow. That’s something,” said Roberta Hazen, who with her husband, Roger, has taken out payday loans from Check into Cash. “Why did they just dump it? Nowadays you should shred everything before you throw it out. They should have been more cautious,” she said.

As if you needed another reason not to get a payday loan… —MEGHANN MARCO

Papers with personal info found in Check into Cash’s trash [News-Gazette]

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