MiracleGro Sues Sellers Of "Worm Poop" For Trademark Infringement

TerraCycle a small, not yet profitable, organic fertilizer company based in lovely Trenton, New Jersey is being sued for trademark infringement and false advertising by the manufacturers of MiracleGro. The complaint stems from TerraCycle’s use of the colors yellow and green in their packaging. TerraCycle sells organic liquefied “worm poop” packaged in donated plastic soda bottles. Scott’s is a $2.7 billion dollar company, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The whole lawsuit seems rather silly to us. Would consumers really think that MiracleGro would sell something labeled “Worm Poop” in what is quite obviously an old Sprite bottle? TerraCycle is claiming that the lawsuit is groundless because so many other manufacturers use yellow and green in their packaging. They also refuse to turn over test results that extol the benefits of liquid worm poop to MiracleGro, because MiracleGro refuses to turn their test results over to TerraCycle.

For more info on the lawsuit, TerraCycle has set up a website. If that seems biased, we’re sorry. Scott’s, makers of MiracleGro, haven’t yet set up their own anti-TerraCycle website. Perhaps this is due to all the business that worm crap in soda bottles is taking away from them. They just can’t afford a 10th grader to set up an account on Blogger. You can, however, read their complaint on TerraCycle’s site should that be your desire. —MEGHANN MARCO

TerraCycle sued by Scotts Miracle-Gro [SuedByScotts via AdviceGoddess]
(Photo: TerraCycle)

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