If Banks Came To Life, 42% Of Our Readers Say Bank Of America Would Be A Deadbeat Dad

3052 people voted and it’s clear. If banks came to life as people, 42% of Consumerist readers vote Bank of America would most likely be a deadbeat dad. Props to commenter nerodiavolo, whose comment helped prompt a survey so incisive, Gallup rose from the dead and baked us a cake last night.

Results inside…

boawins.jpg — BEN POPKEN

If Banks Came To Life…
Run Away, Banks Are Coming To Life As People


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  1. Uriel says:

    Hrmm…I wonder if I rock a little too hard?

  2. confab says:

    Wait a minute, without knowing the market share of each bank, we can’t really know how bad they are. Meaning if 44.2% of Americans bank at BofA, and so on down the line, then we can only infer a uniform level of poor service. And since this is the Consumerist, and we’ve all had bad experiences with our banks, aren’t we all just picking our own lousy bank?

  3. Uriel says:

    .@confab: we could’ve had multiple

  4. bedofnails says:


    I don’t know, Wells Fargo and WaMu have about the same market share and penetration as BoA, even more combined; yet even combined are one quarter as deadbeat as BoA.

  5. bedofnails says:


    I rock harder, I submitted the original HarrisPoll.

  6. krunk4ever says:

    This poll’s question is very problematic as it doesn’t address the issue of how many people use a particular bank.

    The more people that use a bank, I’d assume the more people that may or may not be satisfied. For example, if Bank A has 100 customers, and Bank B ahas 10,000 customers. Is Bank B worse just because 100 customers didn’t like Bank B when Bank A only had 1?

    Obvious there may be some truth to this poll, but obviously provides very skewed data. Maybe that’s what the poll was meant to do.

    What the correct poll should’ve asked is (which banks do you bank at, and which ones do you think would be a deadbeat dad). That way, we would get a better result and have the poll actually say something other than BofA has more unsatisfied customers than Wamu, which means nothing without knowing how many BofA customers voted and how many Wamu customers voted.

  7. krunk4ever says:

    @krunk4ever: In my example above, by having 100 unsatisfied customers, Bank B has 9,900 satisfied customers. Does Bank B having 9,900 satisfied customers means its better than a bank that has only 99 satisfied customers?

  8. krunk4ever says:

    @bedofnails: unless you can safely assume those who voted represent the marketshare, this poll is meaningless.

    what we need to know is the percentage of people WHO voted. marketshare may be a good starting point at trying to guess what the results mean, but maybe a majority of people who voted were just unhappy bank of america customers, since Consumerist does tend to post many horror BofA stories and that must’ve attracted quite a few unhappy BofA customers.

  9. Uriel says:

    Your poll was clown shoes, the title gave it class my dear sir!

  10. ZugTheMegasaurus says:

    How in the world did US Bank receive so few votes? That place is the earthly incarnation of evil.