CPSC Still Unable To Form Voltron

For those who resent government interference in industry’s ability to make baby strollers that don’t fit through doorways, Baroody’s withdrawal of his nomination as CPSC commissioner has an ancillary benefit.

Without at least three commissioners, the CPSC does not have a quorum and cannot issue new rules or regulations or levy civil penalties. — BEN POPKEN

Baroody withdraws his nomination to chair CPSC [ConsumerReports]


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  1. gameraboy says:

    That’s a negative too. No new fines for offenders, no new rules to help consumers. Granted, the nominee was horrible and it’s good he’s gone, but this is an important group that should have the ability to function.

  2. Bulldog9908 says:

    Great news! The only good government agency is the one that can’t do anything.

  3. lotsofmuffin says:

    @Bulldog: Yeah, it’s really important that my baby daughter die from choking on an easily-removed part of a toy stroller painted with asbestos. That’s totally worth getting rid of the CPSC. Take that, government mind control!

    And, like FEMA! Letting all those uppity negroes die in NOLA was great! Go Bush! Next, let’s break the Treasury Department, so we all have to barter instead of using money. Oh, wait a minute, no, that would interfere with the agendas of many large, multinational corporations.

    @Consumerist: if it’s true that CPSC can’t operate at the moment, that’s probably been Rove’s plan all along. Congress might look into fixing that. Our system does not assume competence, but it appears that it does assume a certain level of good faith on the parts of everyone involved.

  4. girlfriend 6.0 says:

    Is…is that…lawn darts?

  5. Landru says:

    I figured there was a reason they picked such an unsuitable candidate.

  6. othium says:

    @msb2: The picture is taken from a government website that banned the sale of a product called “Jarts”. I have many fond memories of playing this fun game at the lake cabin with my brothers. Found some at a rummage sale a couple years ago and still play with them at out family gatherings. Even though they are not sold anymore, tournaments are still held using these dangerous toys.