Consumerist Tshirt Is Here, And It's 15% Off

The new Consumerist tshirt is here, and as part of a Memorial Day weekend sale, it’s only $16.99. As part of the sale, if you buy multiple Gawker tshirts, shipping is free.

Proclaim your ability to rock the phone tree to get the customer service you deserve. You’ve got a telephone and you know how to use it. Caveat Venditor, bitches. — BEN POPKEN

My Call is Important to You [Gawker Shop]


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  1. Moosehawk says:

    I likey.

  2. Codis says:

    Where’s the nazi skull?

  3. dohtem says:

    Is 2 considered “multiple”? I’d rock this to Wal-mart.

  4. adamondi says:

    I like this, too. I would totally buy one if they came in fat sizes. XL is simply too small. :-(

  5. Scott Kidder says:

    @adamondi: What sizes are you looking for? If there is demand we could print larger sizes.

  6. mmcnary says:

    If it came in a 5XLT I would definitely buy it. And before you say that your supplier can’t get 5x shirts, I direct your attention to, who I know for a fact can get up to a 60X t-shirt. That’s not a typo, a 60XL shirt. Think of the blow up gorilla on top of that car dealer down the street. What size do you think that baby wears…

  7. mopar_man says:

    Are the shirts made in china?

  8. sparks4516 says:

    These shirts even run small according to the disclaimer, so the XL is actually more like a L. Seems to me that covers a very small segment of the US population these days. We’re not all on the Special K diet! How bout some XXL or XXXL for us bigger people. Remember, something like 70% of the US population is overweight, but we still deserve to be able to shake the pillars of corporate America by rocking the Consumerist shirt.

  9. Josh Smith says:

    From the comments on the product page – “SIZES RUN SMALL. For example, men’s XL is more like a regular men’s large.”

    This is disappointing, actually the main reason I haven’t bought a gawker shirt yet. I need a real XL. I hate to say it but if your vendor prints on small shirts switch or offer a XL size shirt at no extra cost.

    Do you know what brand shirts these are? American Apparel …


    BTW awesome design I’d love to buy one if you can get something in a XL that runs similar to Threadless XL sizing!

  10. adamondi says:

    @Scott Kidder: Well, if the comments about the sizes running small are to be believed, then a 3X or a 4X (if the sizes run really small) would be just about right.

  11. Dorgon says:

    I definitely second the thought on making an XXL shirt. American Apparel makes their shirts exactly one size smaller than everyone else, and some of us just don’t look that great in a tight t-shirt.

    As soon as an XXL becomes available, you can count me in for one of these shirts!

  12. saram says:


    The shirts aren’t made in China. They are made by American Apparel, one of my favorite companies. Sweatshop free, made in L.A.

  13. nick says:

    I bought the “Productively Lazy” Lifehacker t-shirt off the Gawker Shop a few months ago at my regular size (Large) and it fits just fine.

    It just depends on how you like your shirts to fit – if you prefer loose and baggy over [slim] fit, then you should probably go a size up; otherwise your regular size should be fine.

    Hope that helps!

  14. Matthew says:

    My compliments to the designer; it’s really cute.

  15. phrygian says:

    Try getting some XL or XXL womens shirts, too. Not all of us are flat chested or thin.

  16. slapstick says:

    I’m sure I could rock a medium, but I would never wear this shirt. The design is cute, but it’s…old? The rotary-phone-shaking-its-fist (“damn kids get off my lawn!”) makes me think of a cartoon my grandfather would put on his fridge to express his displeasure.

    Plus, if the image in the store is accurate, the design is really large, and having a long image in the center of your shirt isn’t aesthetically pleasing to me, especially since the angle of the building gives the impression it is a stake being driven into your stomach. (A commentary on corporate America?)

    I hope that wasn’t mean, it was meant to be constructive. I’m sure the po’ 22 year old demo isn’t your target anyway.

  17. Furryscott says:

    Well it’s definitely a keeper! First time I saw it I laughed….(Is that what it was aimed to do?) But I see the seriousness in the picture. I like it! Good choice!