Consumerist Forums Roundup

We have a magical, albeit, unofficial, place for our readers called The Consumerist Forums where they can start stories, post messages, connect, and frolic. Here’s a roundup of some of what they’re talking about.

A good user review of Joost, the new free P2P streaming TV-video software.

• Which companies had personal data breaches, and when.

• A tale of Verizon Wireless being nice!

A tongue-in-cheek explainer of governmental safety placards (of the “make sure you have enough duct tape in your bomb shelter” variety)

• Coffee and a metal chip muffin, please!


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  1. spanky says:

    That government safety thing was lifted from a thread on the Internet Infidels Discussion Board .

    Here is the original.

    It’s one of the most plaigarized threads on the internet, I swear. And that’s saying a lot.

  2. Ben Popken says:

    @spanky: I never knew linking was considered plagiarizing.

  3. spanky says:

    No, I don’t mean the Consumerist forum did the plagiarizing. The safenow site they linked to did.

    (Hey. I spelted plagiarized wrong.)

  4. saram says:

    Me love The Consumerist Forums long time.

    Seriously, everyone should check it out. It’s like wrapping up in a clean blanket that is still warm from the dryer.

  5. silencedotcom says:

    Not only that, but the clean blanket is made from only the finest skin of those companies you hate.

    Too harsh? Oh well. The forums are a happening place. When discussions here get too long, they often roll over and start anew at the forums, so it’s worth checking out.. browse for information, post at your leisure.

    What else to say? Go [insert local sports team]!

  6. eldergias says:

    Could someone please pass a Joost invite on to me? Just send me a message on the boards and I will respond.