XM Radio Gives 87 Credit For Outage, But You Gotta Call 'Em

XM Radio subscribers seeking compensation for the recent service outage can get a credit by calling 800-967-2346. Noted the Detroit Free Press:

For the typical subscription costing about $13 a month, that would come to about 87 cents.

To quote Ricky Roma, “Oh, what a big man you are! “Hey, let me buy you a pack of gum. I’ll show you how to chew it.” — BEN POPKEN

Glitch leads to customer credit [Detroit Free Press] (Thanks to Warwick!)


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  1. dbeahn says:

    I do love how we (as a culture) love to bitch when we “don’t get what we pay for” but then turn around and demand MORE than what we would pay for as “compensation” for not getting “what we paid for”.

  2. MeanMachine says:

    You wanna make fourteen dollars the hard way?

  3. Yoni K says:

    How about extending all contracts by 2 days? Same cost to XM, but more tangible to the consumer.

  4. hellinmyeyes says:

    I won’t be calling. I’m with dbeahn on this one. They fessed up really quickly about the situation (I received an e-mail when I got home from work about the problem I first noticed on my way home from work…), and it was fixed in a day.

    I wasn’t thrilled that my reception sucked, but I decided it was a good day to listen to good, old-fashioned CD’s that I legally purchased. :-)

  5. mac-phisto says:

    ok, i damn near ripped my commander out of my car & youtubed smashing it to pieces b/c i thought i finally went kaput.

    then it started working again. 2 days w/o the fungus…i was in bad shape. it was reminding me of those college days when…uh, never mind.

  6. davere says:

    @Yoni K:

    That’s what I did. I emailed them and requested a 2 day extension. It took me less than a minute and they replied today and granted it (as they should.)

    I do the same with cable outages.

  7. chrissyq21479 says:


    I have three recievers and two bucks is two bucks. I always call cable when my service is out and get my $2.50 credit. I did think it was awesome that they fessed up right away though, it made me want to continue my service when i was trying to decide if i wanted to keep it.

  8. lizzybee says:

    Meh… It’s not really worth it to me to call and get my 2 day extension. I still had reception, and pretty decent reception, but it fuzzed out a little more frequently than usual when I drove under overpasses. I can’t imagine dealing with a real outage, though ;-) I had a rental car for 2 days while mine was in the shop a month ago, and I could only take 5 minutes of FM before I wanted to smash the radio with a sledgehammer. When it’s gone, I miss my Ethel and my Squizz!

  9. rbf2000 says:

    If they’re going to make people go through the hassle of calling in to get compensation, they should make it worthwhile.

    Now, if they just did a blanket credit to everybody without them having to request it, I would understand the 2 day credit.

  10. plim says:

    isn’t it going to cost xm radio more than $0.87 per phone call to field all of these requests? even if only a fraction of people call, i think the total cost to field the phone calls will be more than if they had just given the reimbursement to everyone.

    it’s kind of like the phone company sending you a bill for 5 cents…it costs 10 times more in paper, postage, processing, and handling fees to send such a bill (and repeat notices) than to receive payment!