Consumerist Neighborhood Garage Sale

We’re selling some more of our old electronics on eBay. Everything is currently at $.99, except for the laptop which is up to $20.50.

We invite you to join our garage sale and post links to your eBay auctions in the comments. We talk about it enough as a way to help make some extra scrizzle and pay down debts, we figured why not make a party of it?

The first set of speakers are the only items that work perfectly. The rest are in some state of semi-brokenness.
TWO 250 Watt Pro Audio Studio Monitors Used Sound Great
Gateway Solo 5300 CL Used Broke CD/R, Blank Hard-Drive
AIWA NSX-Aj20 Compact Disc Stereo System
LG VX4400 (Verizon Wireless) FlipPhone. Doesn’t Turn On
LG VX3200 (Verizon Wireless) Used. Dead Screen
Motorola T720 (Verizon Wireless) Flip Phone. For Parts

Pull up a chair, there’s more space on the folding table, add your eBay goods in the comments. — BEN POPKEN

Our eBay Auctions

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