BREAKING: Baroody Withdraws CPSC Nomination

Michael Baroody withdrew his nomination for head of the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

In Washington, faint cries of “nah nah nah nah, nah nah nahhhh, hey heyyyy, goodbyyeee…” wafted through the wind.

A former lobbyist and VP for the National Association of Manufacturer’s, Baroody’s nomination drew fierce criticism from consumer advocate and Democratic quarters, who wondered how well he would police an industry that had been paying him to promote his interests.

If you’re wondering how this came about, here’s a chronology of Baroody headlines…

Bush Expected To Nominate Industry Lobbyist To Head CPSC
Michael Baroody Gets CPSC Nomination Nod, White House Confirms
Consumer Reports On Baroody Nomination
Tell Your Senator To Oppose Nominating Guy Who Hates Product Safety As Head Of Product Safety
Stop Michael Baroody
Baroody To Receive $150,000 Pay Off From National Association of Manufacturers

“Mounting opposition” would seem the appropriate phrase. This is a victory for consumers. Can’t wait to see who the White House comes up with next. Maybe a former asbestos VP? — BEN POPKEN

Consumer commission nominee withdraws [AP] (Thanks to Samir!)


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  1. Sometimes there’s actually some good news!

  2. magic8ball says:


  3. foghat81 says:

    good news indeed

  4. eldergias says:

    In other news, Joseph Goebbels has removed himself from the running for head of the ADL.

  5. gwong says:

    Good riddance!

  6. bambino says:

    Count it!

  7. oeolycus says:

    Grab some pine, meat!

  8. wesrubix says:


  9. Mardam says:

    I understand that next week is the Senate confirmation hearing on Joseph Mengele as Head of Health and Human Services.

  10. iMike says:

    That this guy was even nominated shows how arrogant and out of touch the Bush administration is.

  11. RokMartian says:

    Even as a republican, I scratched my head over this nomination.

    But c’mon — don’t you think comparing it to nazis is a little over the top?

  12. MikeL says:

    CAUTION: Unsafe For Citizens. Do Not Install.

  13. Art Vandelay says:

    Well, we can breathe a sigh of relief until the next nominee is named.

  14. eldergias says:

    @RokMartian: The thing of it is, its not so much the Nazi connection as it is the relevance of someone who most common people would hate due to the bad things they have done trying to take a position that is completely contradictory to the actions that made them hated.

    So, saying it is like Michael Jackson running an anti-child-molestation group would be just as apt.

  15. Trai_Dep says:

    “Elections have consequences.”

  16. phrygian says:

    @Art Vandelay: Exactly what I was thinking. I can’t shake the feeling that Baroody’s nomination and (inevitable) withdraw is just setting us up for another bad candidate that just happens to be “less bad” than the previous.

  17. MattyBoyFromPSP says:

    Don’t assume they’ve hit the bottom of the barrel yet. You know how John Ashcroft looks like a dream now in comparison to IMFAlberto Gonzalez?

  18. John Stracke says:


    So, saying it is like Michael Jackson running an anti-child-molestation group would be just as apt.

    Or like a child pornographer running the Boy Scouts’ task force on preventing child sexual abuse. Oh, wait, that actually happened.

  19. Inigo Montoya says:

    @Art Vandelay:

    Bush isn’t going to nominate someone else, he’ll just wait until the next Senate vacataion and appoint him!

  20. thefrontpage says:

    Has everyone noticed that there seems to be a really odd, strange and highly-questionable series of weird incidents with NAM in recent years? What exactly is going on with NAM? Shady people, questionable judgements, people leaving, people getting fired–odd administration things. Time for an investigation of NAM, maybe?

  21. eldergias says:

    @John Stracke: Wow, I would say that is awesome, but it clearly is not.

  22. catnapped says:

    @Inigo Montoya: BINGO! Always watch out for the recess appointment.

  23. yellojkt says:

    @thefrontpage: Sounds like the Bush Administration to a tee.

  24. Wow. This topic sure took off into the wild blue yonder. Is there a form of Godwins law that relates to other subjects such as children / pedophiles / pornography?

  25. xamarshahx says:

    Can Bush make a recess appointment like he did with the UN and Ambassador of Belgium (I think)? If so, this guy could ride out until the end of Bush’s term.

  26. jaewon223 says:

    consumerist 1 – evil corporate guy 0

  27. dotorg greg says:

    Actually, a couple of days ago, Sen. Harry Reid’s office leaked that the recess appointment bar was closed and would not be reopening. Apparently, they’re going to run “quickie ‘pro-forma’ sessions every 10 days, so that Bush will be forced to submit any appointees for Senate confirmation. Pretty freakin’ brilliant, I’d say.

    see for the scoop.

  28. Chicago7 says:

    Let’s see.

    Brownie is not doing anything.
    Bolton is available.
    Wolfowitz will soon be available.
    Gonzalez will probably be available soon.

    Maybe this guy isn’t so bad. :D

  29. nysports says:

    Just curious–do you all really think this guy, when appointed to a position where he takes an oath to uphold the duties of his office, would actually torpedo the department for which he works. I mean, I can already anticipate every response to this post, but seriously, it’s like in your collective minds no defense attorney could every becoming a prosecutor or anything similar. People have conflicting jobs in the course of their careers all the time and they do them both well. And as for the money–that was a deal worked out 17 months ago, and it’s quite common. I’m not saying Broody would necessarily been great, but to shoot down a guy even before his senate hearings just because of his previous job, give me a break–this isn’t the movies.

  30. Trai_Dep says:

    NY: have you been reading the papers for the past six years? Seriously.

  31. quantum-shaman says:

    @nysports: Oath schmoath. Appointing a known advocate for big business, to run an organization that’s supposed to protect the vict… I mean customers of big business, elevates the concept of government corruption to a whole new level. Besides that, we’ve already seen this scenario play out at the FDA. Would you let a pedophile babysit your kids if he took an oath to uphold his daycare duties? It’s like that.

  32. dotorg greg says:

    Hey, he’s the wimp who chickened out the day before his hearings. If he didn’t believe it himself, why should anyone else?

    The kicker, of course, as Ben quoted elsewhere, is that without a 3rd commissioner, the CPSC is hamstrung and can’t form a quorum, can’t issue fines, or change rules. So it’s effectively neutralized enough, I guess.

    Federal law says the CPSC cannot operate for more than 6mos without a quorum. It took Bush 9 mos just to announce he was nominating Baroody. How long will the next guy take? Sounds like a strategy being implemented to me.