BREAKING: Baroody Withdraws CPSC Nomination

Michael Baroody withdrew his nomination for head of the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

In Washington, faint cries of “nah nah nah nah, nah nah nahhhh, hey heyyyy, goodbyyeee…” wafted through the wind.

A former lobbyist and VP for the National Association of Manufacturer’s, Baroody’s nomination drew fierce criticism from consumer advocate and Democratic quarters, who wondered how well he would police an industry that had been paying him to promote his interests.

If you’re wondering how this came about, here’s a chronology of Baroody headlines…

Bush Expected To Nominate Industry Lobbyist To Head CPSC
Michael Baroody Gets CPSC Nomination Nod, White House Confirms
Consumer Reports On Baroody Nomination
Tell Your Senator To Oppose Nominating Guy Who Hates Product Safety As Head Of Product Safety
Stop Michael Baroody
Baroody To Receive $150,000 Pay Off From National Association of Manufacturers

“Mounting opposition” would seem the appropriate phrase. This is a victory for consumers. Can’t wait to see who the White House comes up with next. Maybe a former asbestos VP? — BEN POPKEN

Consumer commission nominee withdraws [AP] (Thanks to Samir!)

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