Home Depot Sent Registered Sex Offender To Refinish Single Woman's Cabinets

“I asked for a kitchen, and I never thought I was going to get a sex offender.”

— Home Depot customer Niki Lebrecque on learning that the home improvement store sent a convicted sex offender with an extensive history of violent attacks to refinish her cabinets.

Not only that, it turned out that the man wasn’t even a licensed contractor. Since then, Home Depot pledged to conduct a rolling series of background checks to look into all of its contractors. Even after this, WCVB investigators were able to find a few with criminal records.

Though Niki was in no way harmed, you gotta be careful who you open your door to, even if they’re coming from a brand-name store. — BEN POPKEN

Home Depot Rescreens Workers Sent Into Homes [WCVB] (Thanks to Jay!)
(Photo: IHP)