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Image courtesy of LatherRinseRepeat says: "Wow. Big corporations and government, best friends forever!"

  • Should “Attempted Copyright Infringement” Be A Criminal Offense?
    LatherRinseRepeat says: “Wow. Big corporations and government, best friends forever!

  • McDonald’s Angus Burger Is Coming To Get You
    Ivealwaysgotmail10 warns: “It will swoop down on ye like a Tasmanian tiger and ravage your soul with its sharp poppyseed teeth.

  • If You’ve Ever Wondered Why Brooklyn Smells Like Piss
    Nerodiavolo, playwright extraordinaire, says: “Coming to a theater near you, Ben Popken and Meghann Marco star in…

  • Get Ready To Show ID When Buying Cough Syrup
    Edro notes: “This has nothing to do with meth. Here in Nebraska a young kid got high on over-the-counter cough suppressant and stabbed his friend to death. He was acquitted of the crime due to temporary insanity.

  • Victoria’s Secret, Limited, Express Threaten To Fire Employees Who Don’t Get Enough New Credit Card Accounts
    Yg17 remembers: “One of my friends got bitched at for not asking a little kid who came through his line if he wanted to sign up for a credit card.

  • Twenty Nine Attorneys General Worry Teenagers May Get All Coked-Up On Spykes
    Kerry says: “I went to a boarding school and my friends drank vanilla extract (and peppermint, and spearmint, and cinnamon . . .) for the alcohol.

  • Don’t Question The Existence Of God On Your Starbucks Cup Or Else
    Leftistcoast says: “Title should read: “Christian intellectually outmaneuvered by coffee cup.”

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