Virgin America Receives Final DOT Approval

The Department of Transportation has issued final approval for Virgin America to become the newest transcontinental budget airline. The DOT originally denied Virgin permission to fly through U.S airspace after the airline failed to meet domestic ownership requirements. After making several changes, including replacing one of their British executives with a meat-eating American, Virgin has convinced the DOT that they are not a bunch of tea-drinking crumpet-eaters. To us, they still sound awfully British:

“We are jumping for joy that we can put our tracksuits on and get out in the stadium and compete in the grand meet of the airline business,” Virgin America CEO Fred Reid said.

‘Tis a jolly day indeed, Governor! Virgin America will start selling tickets in the next few weeks, and expects the first flight to takeoff this summer. — CAREY GREENBERG-BERGER

Final OK for Virgin America to take wing at SFO [San Francisco Chronicle]
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